Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maui: Episode 10

This slideshow is a few months old now but here is number 10 from Maui.

We Went out to Lana'i again with Oren. This time Cindy came along. I swam around in the ocean for three hours. I found caves and all sorts of fun underwater adventures. Wow, have I mentioned how much I LOVE the ocean! It's like a whole nother world under there. I wish I had lungs! You can tell how much I love it by the 10 minutes of underwater video in this episode. The rest of the episode is my second trip to Oahu. I had a great time with my friends from Maui going to school there, and my friend Jules. We went to lots of different beaches and a few hikes. We camped on the beach too, that was pretty rad. I'm pretty sure I could live my whole life in a tent if it was always next to the ocean! The last several minutes are when I surfed pipeline. I already wrote about that but I'll tell you again, it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. It poured rain for a few minutes but I was already wet so it didn't matter that much. It wasn't a triple crown pipe day at pipeline but I still had a good time. I also surfed sunset and chungs. Wow, I love it. I was all pretty awesome. Life is pretty awesome! Enjoy!