Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th of July plus some!

Hey! This next slideshow for your viewing pleasure is mostly from the 4th of July, which was pretty awesome! We woke up nice and early and went surfing! Actually not the first time I've done that on the 4th though. First time in Hawaii so that's pretty sweet. Of course these pictures don't do much justice. It's pretty hard trying to take pictures of someone while floating on a board in the waves. And of course we missed all the good ones. But we know it was awesome despite how it looks! After surfing we had a bbq at a friends house (no pictures) then went to the harbor to watch the fireworks. Fireworks+the ocean=cool. It was a good time. There are also pictures in here from the Relay For Life we participated in, some sunset views from our bedroom window and the beach one block away. Plus a pretty little place called Iao Valley. A little FYI we are done working on the mansion so it's all about surfing now! It's nice having more time to play, gotta find a new job still though. Lame. But, the 4th was awesome and here is awesome! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hana on Crack

Hello world, all four of you! So today's blogging adventure is about an adventure we had 2 weeks. I'm going out of order here but who cares really right. I'm getting pretty far behind on these things but hey, I'm in Maui, I do have better things to do! Anyways, On July 2 Reed, Cheryl, Oren and I did Hana. Hana is a place, it's awesome. You shall now see!

We drove out late Wed. night and camped on a beach somewhere. The drive there was highlighted by a wicked intense game of "In My World". Oren played some tunes on the beach and we woke up early the next day. Oren had to be back in town to do a gig that night and since Cheryl was leaving the next day for the mainland we had to do everything Hana has to offer in one day! So it was go go go. Hence, Hana on Crack! We first jumped off some waterfalls to help wake up. They are not hard to find. Then we swam in some underwater arctic caves for a couple of hours. We'd swim underwater into a new room just to see if we could swim into another room. Got a little lost but no one drowned by swimming into a room with no air so it was awesome! Then we swam out into the ocean to jump off some more stuff, sorry about the sideways video. Cheryl, even though it doesn't look sideways to you, you can't do that. We went to black and red sand beaches and for your consideration I waited for all the nudies to leave before taking any pictures. Then it was off to Waimoku falls and the 7 sacred pools, where we found some more waterfalls and bridges to jump off, (seriously, if you don't want people to jump off it, don't put an awesome sign up in front of it advertising that it is an awesome spot to jump from!) we played ninja in the bamboo forest and met Missy, the bamboo ninja cow. After jumping off another waterfall at the Emerald Pool (which wasn't all that emerald at all) we headed home. It was the greatest day EVER!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When it's bad, it's still pretty dang good.

So I'll get to the happenings of late later. Because they were good happenings! But, today...I got chewed out by Mr. Boss for getting grout on the stucko, I dropped my whole entire lunch on the ground after only one bite, I got plowed by a paddle boarder who put a monster hole in my surfboard, I got violated by a grocery store that charged me 18 bucks for cereal and milk, and THEN, Mcdonalds didn't have ANY ice cream left, not ANY! No milkshakes, sundaes, cones, NOTHIN! But you know what, it was still a pretty dang good day! Yup, I love Maui.