Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Episode 9

This whole episode is from when my friends Tara and Kristi came to visit. Half of it is a turtle montage, but I like turtles, so it's in there. Spread the Aloha!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The things smart people know.

Smart people know that after you have been running VERY hot water (hot like it's coming straight from the center of a volcano hot)for a long time, and you switch it off for the cold water, you should wait a little bit for all the water to run out of the pipes before sticking your hands in it...OUCH!

Smart people know that when you are tall, you shouldn't take you shirt off while underneath a ceiling fan that is on full blast...OUCH!

Smart people know that after you have scrubbed one foot really well with lots of bubbly, slippery soap, you should rinse it off real well before placing it down and lifting the other one to wash it...OUCH!

Ugh...I learned a lot today, maybe I'll be a smart person soon too!
The last one hurt the most.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Episode 8

Most of the locations of these pictures are repeats. But there is new people in them all! Remember, I make these mostly for me, so sorry if this is boring to you. But the adventures in this slideshow are as follows:
My friend Alyssa went back to school at BYU in Provo (poor thing) and she wanted to take the road to Hana one more time. So the beginning is just one more Hana adventure. Hana as seen from the back of a truck is pretty dang awesome! Especially when crazy Koleka thinks she has a bug in her hair! Funny stuff! Then my other friend Ashley left for BYU on Oahu and before she left she wanted me to take her on the commando hike. So the two of us planned on doing it one day after a baptism. I was a tad nervous about taking her becuase it's a pretty sketchy hike and danger is high. But I knew she was tough. But then, she invited half the branch to come at the baptism so we ended up with about 15 people on the hike with us. which made me even more nervous becuase none of these people had any idea what they were getting into. it took us forever, no one got seriously hurt, and the next day in testimony meeting most of the people who had a miserable time during the hike expressed their gratitude for such an amazing experience. During the hike I wasn't a popular haole at all! Some of them had never done ANY hiking and this was full on Bear Grylls slip and die stuff! Then to my surprise most of the girls even jumped the cliffs! It turned out pretty awesome. Other than that just some fun with friends and more Maui beauty! Enjoy, ALOHA!