Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Salt Lake. Repeat? Yes please!

 For those of you who don't know, I'm a pretty big RSL fan.  For those of you who don't know what RSL is, RSL stand for Real Salt Lake.  For those of you still lost, Real Salt Lake is a professional soccer team who happen to be the reigning MLS champions (check that out here).  This blog is a shout out to my boys playing for RSL.  I worked for the team during the 2008 campaign.  RSL has been around since 2005 and with the exception of a few rare moments, their existence as a fun team to cheer for has been quite dissapointing.  That all changed last fall when RSL went on a hot streak and qualified for the playoffs as the last team in and only after winning it's very last game of the season to secure a playoff spot.  They then tore through the playoffs and ended up beating the star studded and over paid L.A. Galaxy to become Utah's first ever major professional sports champions!  Everyone said it was just a fluke, that they just got hot at the right time.  Well, this season, those naysayers have been proved WRONG!
This year RSL has been by far the most exciting sports team for me to follow.  The Jazz were good in the late 90's, but this is soccer, this is my game, and RSL have been exciting no matter what sport you like.  So far they have won more games, earned more points, scored more goals, and allowed fewer goals than in any other season.  And the season isn't over.  They have already clinched a playoff spot.  They are only two points behind for the best record in the league and winning the supporters shield.  They are on pace to break the MLS record for goals against average.  They are currently in the middle of a 30 game home unbeaten streak and 24 games in league play, an MLS record.  They have already qualified for the knockout round of the CONCACAF Champions league (think world cup but only for teams in N. America).  Only the 3rd MLS team to ever do so.  They have achieved the 3rd and 4th longest streaks in MLS history for not letting opponents score, both this season.  And they are on pace to break the record of shutout games in one season.  And they have done all this with out any Designated players (big fancy players that expect lots of money).  If fact, RSL has one of the smallest markets in the league and thus have some of the lowest paid players.  But with their blue collar work ethic and strong depth, RSL have given us the greatest soccer season EVER!  And the best part?  It's not even over!  See you in Toronto at the MLS cup on November 21st Real Salt Lake!  To my boys for giving us something to cheer about again...Mahalo! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Struggles with Cyborality.

Well...I have no idea what to blog about right now.  Just feel some sort of cyboral obligation to do it.  I remember Mr. McConkie teaching me about creative writing and brainstorming and stuff.  He said just start writing and it will come.  I just made up the word cyboral.  Cyber Morals...Cyboral.  Give it a few years, then look it up on wikipedia.

Cyborality:  a sense of behavioral conduct that differentiates intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good (or right) and bad (or wrong) within the cyber world.  Including, texting, twitting, social networking, online dating, instant messaging, emailing, cell phone talking, skyping, or any other fake or imaginary replication of true physical, face to face, human interaction.

I have now contributed to the English language.  Acceptable member of society, check. 

Surf has been flat to zero the last several weeks.  We did have a few good days and I was finally able to get out on my new board.  I went to good old breakwall and got all confident.  Then I went to Shark Pit and got smacked in the arse by the humility paddle.  Man I got worked.  Got hit in the calf by my skegs and I've been walking crooked ever since.  I did personally discover why they call Shark Pit "Shark Pit".  It was already a shady spot to surf without all the breaching sharks.  But alas, Breakwall was really going off the other day (shoulder to overhead) and I was able to go out on my new board again and got my mojo back.  Although I may not of looked it, I sure felt like I could have been in a surfing magazine that day.  I tore it up brah!  One of the bast surf days ever!  I say that at least once a week... Really though, I finally got the speed and size of wave to really see where I'm at.  Now that it's fall the north shore swells are coming in!  Bring it on!

There, blogged...check.