Monday, June 29, 2009

The Super Maui Haole Duo!

This week we went carve boarding with Cheryl and Oren. Carve Boarding is the newest member of the "things Dallon likes to do" club. It might even gain great prestige within the club when I actually get good at it. We also did a bunch of surfing, that's just a given from here out, and went on a hike to a place called Makamakaole. Of course these pictures don't do it any justice, niether does the small amount of blood spilled. This hike had a 89 % chance of getting rediculously hurt and a 48% chance of death! (don't worry Mom, I just made that up) Seriously though, slip once and your gonna feel it! It was awesome! Guided by Cheryl, we rescued two young lass' who were lost and scared, Steph and Alayna. They were nice, it was awesome. Near the top we could here screams, We spotted them dangling over a cliff, just as Steph slipped and began to plummet to her certain death, I dove off the other side, grabbed her around the waist, and grabbed a rope that Reed had swung out to us just in time, I used my body to shield her as we crashed against the rocks, but I was able to slowly lower her down to safety. Reed meanwhile was holding Alayna back up at the top with one hand and the rope with us on it in the other. In the end, everyone was ok and we made some new friends! All in a days work for the Super Maui Haole Duo! Anyway, here is the slideshow! the music is again by Oren Masserman, please look him up and give him a listen. He is the guy on carveboard in the video part. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunset sesh.

Today, I surfed through the sunset and then under the moon and the stars. Catching waves by sound only. It was beautiful. And also...I used a bidet!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's all good.

What we've been up since my last pictures!

These pictures and videos are from a hike called swinging bridges. Then a cliff jumping spot behind a fancy hotel called black rock (notice my safe and feet first entry). Then some stuff out by Hana.

The Song is by a friend named Oren Masserman. It's called 'Stay Positive' On his album 'Spread the Aloha' check him out at

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.

Hey guys, sorry for lack of blogging lately. Something about this place makes it hard to sit still at a computer for too long. Not really a whole lot to tell anyways...It is two weeks after the notorious backflip. For the first week I could barely move. I could move the second week but still with much pain. Today it only hurts in the morning and my ribs, there is definitely still pain in the rib cage area. Luckily though, I have found some more cliffs since then to redeem myself on! Recently we've gone on more hikes, and we drove out to Hana (one of the prettiest places on earth, as long as you don't get car sick) with some friends. I will post some pictures later. We are still working on the house. It's almost done so we are too. Kinda looking forward to being unemployed actually, we'll get to surf more! This place is pretty amazing. It's hard to take anything too seriously, life is just more simple here. for example...

Here and Now vs. Then and There:
  • No Shirt, no shoes, no problem
  • I don't have a car and that's awesome
  • I own a surfboard
  • It takes 30 seconds to get to the beach, not 43,200 seconds
  • I don't use or even carry my phone very much at all
  • There are four times of day: Daytime, sunset, Nighttime, sunrise
  • I sleep with the sun
  • Hitch hiking is fun and an excellent way to meet cool people
  • I'm single, I'm 27, I'm normal
  • I play on a board
  • I eat spam, and like it
  • I can stay in the water for hours without getting cold
  • No one seems to get old
  • I ride my bike everywhere
  • I can't get my shower water cold enough.
  • I hardly ever wear a shirt
  • I hardly ever wear shoes
  • I wait for swells not storms
  • Kicking the coral and sunburns are the only things I worry about
  • Two words: Tourist Girls!
  • Two more words: Surfer Girls!
  • It's hard to read street signs
  • There are only 2 directions, toward the beach and away from the beach
  • I don't know who won the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals
  • There is a rainbow almost everyday.
  • and much much more!
I'm learning things here too. I'm learning that it is possible to do with your life whatever you want to do. Too many times in my life I have made lame excuses to not do something I wanted to. I regret that, a lot. But being here is motivating. I am really determined now to go and do the things I've wanted to do with my life since high school. Money won't be an excuse, time won't be an excuse, and I will no longer tell myself I'll do it later. Life is happening now, you have to make things happen now. The future is important but you make the future by what you do right now. No more waiting, no more wondering. Do it now. Do you want to be a river guide? Go do it now. Want to be a ski instructor in New Zealand? Do it now. Want to be the next Warren Miller. Do it now! Get it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to do a 40 foot backflip, on a 60 foot cliff. hurt. 2 days still hurts.

We went on a hike today with some friends. I was told by the locals not to give out the name or location of this hike. So don't ask. It's in Hawaii. I will tell you though that it was awesome. Except for the video above of course...that actually really sucked. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Reed: "Just pull it off." Dallon: "I can't it's through two of my fingers!"

Our dialogue after I nailed two of my fingers to a wall yesterday.

Today's blog is all about work. Not as exciting but it's making it so we can stay here! We are working on a 12 million dollar house. It's kinda nice...
Watch out or I'll nail you to a wall!

More safe than it looks. It's just a nail gun

Hooray for dry wall!

Have YOU ever showered in 700 thousand dollar bathroom?

Walking home after work

Yummy yummy lunch is in my tummy!