Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My awesome summer!

Now that winter is upon us I am once again all giddy with the anticipation of the of the sweet white frozen nectar of life, the fluffy astral projection, and the powdery high that comes with SKI SEASON! Woowoo! (No I'm not on drugs, unless of course skiing could be called a drug, in which case I'm an addict). But before I venture into that winter wonderland I figured I'd reflect on how awesome of a summer I have had.
I couldn't be happier with the way things in my life turned out this year. I got out of some situations that were making me miserable last spring and ended up having one of the greatest summers ever!
So I moved to Salt Lake and immediately made some great friends, our adventures were plentiful and excitement was high....
It all started with the Moab trip
Cindy, Reed, John, Christie, Me
Camping with married people is the only way to go! They cook!
We floated the mighty CO

Learned how to wake surf!
Yes, we still go to 7 peaks.

This was at some pond thingy in Salem. Wierd place but we made it fun. Thats me and Brian teaching Kristi (in the water) some sweet diving board tricks!

A coin, a car, and lots of time are all you need on summer nights to keep us entertained. We didn't quite understand the rules to the game and ended up flipping that coin and going wherever it told us for hours. We finished though! And thanks to KC I didn't even get arrested for public nudity!
one of many nights of ice cream and mayhem.
Tara's family picture at silver lake. It really is blown up and framed on her wall!
one of the many wasatch lakes we like to hike to!
It's a new crew but Bloomington Lake will always be my place to be!
haha, Reed is on the girl row! At the Dummer cabin at Bear Lake.
Camping somewhere!
Tara the turbo hiker! White Pine Lake
Our trip to the slots in So. UT got flooded out so we hiked through the Winds instead. Dropped my stupid camera in the lake though so not many pics. Those hats made the whole summer though!
Cooking Steak at Bear Lake!
Just another wasatch hike with Cheryl and Scott.

Inspiration point 4 wheeling trip with John and Reed.
Wouldn't be summer without an embarrassing day at the links.
Biking through yellowstone!

Wakeboarding Ebgen Lake
Jes, it is true, I am Nacho! Maybe jew have seen me on TV
No trip would ever be the same now without superhero costumes!
Air chair!
Hey lets straight line down this hill! Ok!
Took my family down the Snake!

Backseat Dance party!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So bloggin huh. Well...I'm uber bored at work which is weird but nice, so I guess I'll write in this thingy! I should probably have something meaningful to say about politics, or religion, or the economy, but to be honest that stuff bores me. So I'll write this. WE HIT THE POST THREE TIMES LAST NIGHT!!!!! Ugh! I'm super frustrated with my boys from Real Salt Lake but really getting as far as we did was still pretty dang fun. We lost the Western Conference final 1-0 last night even though we outshot stupid NY 24-11. For those that don't know I spent this last summer working for Real Salt Lake and loved it. I worked for game operations and sponsorship fulfilment. It was a great experience and I hope it continues. I really got close to the team and the organization throughout the season. It was a great year, we opened the new stadium and made it into the playoffs and finally pulled out of the MLS basement. So, despite the dissapointing end, it was a pretty good year for me and RSL. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy-I got to turn my passion into a lifestyle this summer. Sure my passions aren't going to get me fat paychecks but I don't really care. Right now in my life my two biggest passions are soccer and skiing and guess what. I interned at Real Salt Lake, I manage an indoor soccer facility, and I'm a ski instructor. So for those people in my life who have told me that I'm a deadbeat because I do what I love and not what you think I should do, I say poopie on a stick for you! Haha. Sure it would be nice if I just absolutely loved to clean teeth, or sit in courtrooms, or design buildings, but I don't love those things, and I wouldn't be happy doing them no matter how rich it made me. But, I'm happy when I'm skiing and I'm happy when I'm playing soccer so thats what I'm going to do! Huh, this is weird, I started writing about a soccer game now I'm going off on deep passionate life stuff. So that's how bloggin works...

This is Trevgor and I at the Chivas game, the first in RSL playoff history!

Seantae took pictures of me at half time pumping up the crowd after throwing all the free swag into the crowd.

Sunday, November 9, 2008