Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things I would put as a Facebook status...

Every time a runner gets thrown out at first base, I think the umpire is trying to punch his lights out for running too fast. Seriously, watch it. It's more entertaining than the game anyways.

Skinny white Utah boy now skinny Maui Lobster boy.

When hot, by herself, chiropractor, tourist chick asks you "what is fun to do here at night?" after unashamedly flirting with you all day, setting your neck like Jet Lee (who happens to be her God Uncle), and taking pictures of you all day... You DO NOT give her a list of fun things to do like a big dumb idiot, instead, you get her phone number and tell her that when you are done cleaning the boat you will call her and SHOW her what is fun to do in this town at night! Big dumb idiot...

Is that a run on sentence?

Does Hollywood have ANY original ideas anymore?

I already miss my Mom.

When everything sucks, go surf.

But this way I've done most the things I want to do and I still have something to look forward to.

Oh the things I'll do to get good tips...I regret nothing.

Go Blackhawks! Although the Flyers squeaking into the playoffs with a last game of season shootout win and their improbable run through the playoffs has been great. Should be a good Stanley Cup.

Lifetime total # of bee stings suffered while surfing: 3

Good to see you again Honu!

Homelessness sucks. Ridiculously un-fun.

Nobody panic...But it's official, there is severe flower shortage in HI.

Open ended statement/question to peak your curiosity and get you to comment.

Why can't they just put a big cork in the dang oil pipe!


"Nobody listens to Turtle..."

Why is the name Dallon so hard for tourists? Maybe I should go by George so I don't have to repeat my name 3 times every time I introduce myself.

Add sail boat crew and fitness trainer to my long, random list of jobs...I really am a jack of all trades and a master of none.

America, let's believe in something again.

I gotta thing for women's lacrosse...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of These Is Not Like the Other.

I did some blog stalking the other day and realized something that opened my eyes... I perused the worldwide digital autobiography/memoirs of all my friends and their friends and some complete strangers as well, and it dawned on me that one of these is not like the others. The blogging world is a popular place for females: single girls, married girls, mothers and every other sort of is NOT however, a place where the young single male tends to spend his time, or any male for that matter. The occasional reference of "my husband" is as about as close as they come. So, the one of these that is not like the other of me. I could come up with reasons (excuses) for why I have a blog, they are going to sound almost exactly like my reasons for joining myspace, and then facebook. To keep in touch with old friends of course. While that may be true, let's face it...we are all really just a little self centered and we feel more important in this world and a little better about ourselves when we get a message, a notification, a picture comment, or the creme de la creme...a friend request! (is anyone else sourly dissapointed when instead of some gorgeous hottie who came across a picture of you and thought you were sexy and interesting, it's just some obscure high school classmate you haven't seen since then and didn't ever talk to anyways? I know I am...I'm single though so maybe you're different) Anyways, back to the blogging matter at hand. Seriously, look at everyone's blogs, the lists of links to other blogs on the side? Read them...they are all either The Johnson Family, or John and Joan, or just Joan. But do you see ANY (besides mine) that are just a dude? Nope. I don't have my pregnancy progression pictures, or cute pictures of my kid's first steps, or recipes of the great new dessert I just made. I don't have a combination of our names as a catchy blog title, family updates, domestic projects, bridal pictures, craft projects, or much else in my blog of great lifetime importance...Yet, I still have a blog, and I think it's fun and my mom likes it so I'm still going to do it!

And on another slightly related note...Some peeps and I got together a few weeks back because Christie is awesome and likes to host get togethers and John likes to grill yummies from Christie's cookbook, and also kinda for a goodbye party. Anyways it was pretty awesome because 8 of my best fellas were there, first time that many of us have been together for many moons. But the point of my rambling is this; back in the day we were a rowdy croud - get togethers were loud and boisterous with bands and crowds and hilarious antics only LDS kids could come up with sober. And we were mostly care free. At this gathering, replace the crowd of strangers with 11 children 3 and under and significant others, the loud noise with light conversation and an occasional baby crying, and the hilarious antics with stories reminiscing about hilarious antics. A drastic eye opening again? Well, not drastic, but quite gradual. I've watched all my friends meet girls, get careers, settle down, get married, have kids, buy homes etc. Which is all really awesome and they are all really happy. As the only single person at the pow wow I couldn't help but feel a little left out; in a group where I used to feel like a ring leader, I felt a little out of place. I do not live like the people who are my best friends in this whole world, I have not had the same experiences as them and honestly it stirred up some feelings in me I've never experienced before. I thought long and hard about my life. That was good. Because I realized that though different than theirs, my life is mine and it's pretty awesome. By the way, I'm in Kauai right now...I'm on vacation. Tomorrow though I have to go home to Maui...bummer.

p.s. any gorgeous hotties out there that think I'm sexy and interesting, please fill out my girlfriend application and add me as a friend on facebook! thank you.

Some photogenic evidence. aka good times...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aloha, Aloha.

I'm heading back to Maui today. Goodbye everyone in Utah, everyone in Maui I'll see you tomorrow!