Saturday, March 27, 2010

100 Mundane Facts About Me.

In no particular order...

  1. I've had somewhere's in the range of 100 my head
  2. The only other place I've had stitches - my left butt cheek...twice.
  3. I made 3x more $ in my last year of college than I did in my first year out.
  4. I get my sci-fi nerd fix with Legend of the Seeker
  5. I just got invited to my ten year high school reunion...!
  6. I have 16+2 nieces and nephews
  7. Besides Utah, the only states I've had addresses in are Kansas, Alaska, and Hawaii.
  8. In the 8th grade I crashed my bike on the way to school on picture day, AWESOME bloody face picture as the result!
  9. Once, I went golfing with the MLS Champions.
  10. I never knew one grandpa and all my grandparents are gone now.
  11. I currently have a perfectly clean driving record
  12. I weigh 15 pounds less now than I did in high school
  13. I've never paid for popcorn at a movie theater, but I almost always get popcorn at movie theaters. Figure it out.
  14. I'm very shy with strangers...still.
  15. I'm a horrible salesman.
  16. I once got caught stealing and felt horrible about it for years and years afterward.
  17. I had more "girlfriends" in grade school than I did in High school.
  18. I love to read history books and watch the history channel
  19. Most jobs I've had deal with teaching something to kids, but I don't want to be a teacher.
  20. I was always a hockey player for Halloween because I love hockey, but mostly because the roller blades made me fast so I got WAY more candy.
  21. I haven't been on a date in a year. I don't really mind that...
  22. Almost everything I do and like is because my brother did or liked it first.
  23. I'd rather go backpacking than go on a cruise.
  24. I still haven't used my college degree.
  25. I lettered 6 times in High School.
  26. I think my family is pretty dang awesome. My Parents have always been great, my brother has always been my role model, and my three sisters are just the best. They are all nerds though.
  27. I have lots of hobbies that require equipment, but I've never been partial to any brand of anything.
  28. I think the humankind is moving towards the way they are in Wall-E, and it makes me sad.
  29. I can still remember my best friend from grade school's phone number.
  30. When I saw spiders in my bedroom my big sister would let me sleep in her bed with her, but I had to sleep at the foot of the bed because she was still taller and my feet didn't reach her face. I thought it was great, thanks sis.
  31. I got sent to the principals office two weeks after I graduated. I did NOT fulfill my punishment. Reed was there too.
  32. My favorite song as a kid was "Born In America" by Neil Diamond. I'm still very patriotic.
  33. I don't ever cry because of pain, but the simplest sad or happy things make me gush like a fountain, just thinking about Mufasa dying brings tears. I think I got that from my mom.
  34. I had the coolest fort in the whole world. It was a huge hole in the ground covered with a billboard and other boards with a trap door and a ladder into it. It was originally dug by my brother and his friends. I got in trouble and the cops filled it in. That made me cry.
  35. I don't really remember getting in trouble very much though.
  36. I had a crush on a girl for years and years, I don't think she ever knew.
  37. I've never driven a snowmobile.
  38. I played water polo for Utah State
  39. I was the lead singer in a band for three years. I don't like singing and I'm not good at it, but it was really fun anyway.
  40. I've never crashed my car, but two other people have crashed my cars.
  41. While waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland I fell asleep leaning against a fence and the people I was with left me there. When I woke up I had no idea where anyone was.
  42. Hockey is my favorite sport to play. My first experience with hockey was when my brother took me to a Golden Eagles game, there were 7 fights in the game (blood got splattered on the glass in front of us), and two fights in the stands, plus Jason Muzzati gave us his broken goalie stick. It was awesome.
  43. I'm no good at it but I love to jump off the cliffs! We estimated my highest at 80 feet. Highest backflip was estimated at 60 feet. That one didn't go well though. I spent two weeks afterwards in extreme pain. Reed had to help me out of bed every morning.
  44. It doesn't really matter how much I eat, I'm still always hungry, and I never gain weight.
  45. Some nicknames I've had in life are Dough Boy because I'm very ticklish, Loppy because I'm not very symmetrical, and Yard Sale because of my skiing.
  46. I earned my Eagle Scout award when I was 14.
  47. I made a dirt bike track around the fields behind my house just by riding over it hundreds of times. It was awesome.
  48. In the second grade the teacher had left the room so I kissed a girl while standing on top of my desk in front of the whole class, I don't remember why though.
  49. I once got a ring from the dentist's office and gave it to a girl in the fourth grade, in the twelfth grade she still wore it, kinda creeped me out a bit.
  50. I was really weird in Jr. High, didn't like it much...High School though was a blast for me, college was even better.
  51. In college I didn't buy a single textbook my last two years.
  52. Sleepwalking was the cause of many of the stitches from number 1.
  53. I can hear every word spoken by anyone in my roommates room downstairs and right now I REALLY wish that I couldn''s awkward.
  54. I have received a $100 tip.
  55. Despite being a competitive swimmer for 8 years, I never once shaved anything except for my head.
  56. I've planned 4 trips to Havasupai...I've never been to Havasupai.
  57. Everyone in my immediate family still live within 50 miles of each other, Me being the furthest away.
  58. When I open a bag of chips, I usually eat the whole bag.
  59. I've lived in my car for four months.
  60. I can speak Bulgarian, well kind of...
  61. One of my legs is longer than the other, but that has nothing to do with my nickname Loppy.
  62. My dad, brother and grandpas are all VFW's. That makes me proud.
  63. I own 5 pairs of skis, and at least 10 hockey sticks.
  64. Things I've taught: English, swimming, skiing, soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, tennis, jump rope, racquetball, wallyball, ultimate frisbee, ropes course, yoga, hip hop dance, conditioning, snorkeling, and gospel principles.
  65. I almost always get green cakes for my birthday.
  66. 66 is Mario Lemioux's number. He was my favorite hockey player.
  67. Cars I've owned: 1991 Chevy Corsica, 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1997 Honda Passport, 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  68. My house in college was also a concert venue.
  69. My parents still live in the same house they did when I was born, I still go there almost weekly.
  70. I used to work for the Coast Guard.
  71. I stick my tongue out when concentrating. I only know this because people point it out and laugh at me. I have no conscious recollection of every doing it.
  72. Jobs I've had: lifeguard, swim instructor, office furniture assembler and deliverer, peon construction worker, cook in a ski lodge, pipe layer, photo lab technician, exercise machine tester, production carpentry, recreation specialist, soccer official, assistant to the director of marketing and promotions, Game day/sponsorship fulfillment intern, Sports camp supervisor, Soccer gym manager, ski instructor, journeyman, merchandiser, soccer coach, 1st mate boat crew, fitness trainer, cocktail server, bartender.
  73. I generally enjoy yard work and I like growing gardens. I'd like to have a big garden someday and it's important to me that I have a nice yard.
  74. My teeth are much worse now than they were before I had braces in Jr. High.
  75. I've only ever broken two bones.
  76. I've only ever been in one fight, it was in the 6th grade.
  77. I was born in 1982. Also of note that year:
    • Aston Villa wins the European Cup beating Bayern Munich 1–0.
    • Israel invades Lebanon...again.
    • Argentina invades and occupies the Falkland Islands. The islands remain British today.
    • Italy defeats West Germany 3-1 in the 12th World Cup in Spain. My birth gets more media coverage in America than it does.
    • The Equal Rights Amendment fails to gain ratification in the required minimum of 38 states by the predetermined deadline in 1982. Women are still mad.
    • The International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling. Tourists in Hawaii and Alaska celebrate. Also found celebrating...the Whales.
    • The first CDs are released to the public in Germany. Everyone thinks they're stupid.
    • EPCOT Center opens in Orlando Florida. Ugh...
    • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC is dedicated. It's about time.
    • Michael Jackson releases Thriller. He is scared so badly by his own video he slowly turns white.
    • The world is introduced to the Toyota Camry. It's breaks work just fine.
    • At the University of Utah, for the first time a man is given a permanent artificial heart. 61 year old Barney Clark lives 161 days with the device.
    • The Computer wins Time Magazines "Man of the Year" award. This is the unofficial beginning of the end of normal human interaction. Somewhere in the underworld, the evil seeds of facebook, myspace, and twitter are formed.
  78. I've only been in my hometown for the 4th of July 3 times. The first time wasn't until I was 18. Since High school, I've only been home for my birthday 3 times.
  79. I got hit in the ear by a tv while in my car and the car was flipping sideways down the freeway. I got a cut inside my ear, so blood was coming out. Everyone thought I had brain trauma. I didn't know what was going on. Later that night, we almost got hit by a tire that came off of someone's car. Wild night, everyone was ok.
  80. 5 of my ex-girlfriends married the guys they dated right after me. I only have 5 ex-girlfriends...your welcome ladies.
  81. My Mother's Great Grandpa wrote several of the hymns in the LDS hymnbook. My favorite is "The Day Dawn Is Breaking".
  82. In school I used to get put in time out on purpose because it was cozy in there and I could take a nap. This was in the 8th grade...that teacher was weird.
  83. I own more hoodies than shirts.
  84. I'm very bad with names, I usually forget a new name within seconds of first hearing it. I have to concentrate very hard to memorize it when I first hear it. It's hard for me. This usually makes for an embarrassing situation later.
  85. I love everything water. Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, wake boarding, polo, diving, cliff jumping, oceans, lakes, river rafting, scuba diving, etc.  I could sit and watch a river or waves for hours, water fascinates me.
  86. Started soccer at 5, swimming at 8, hockey at 12, polo at 24. Other organized sports I've played are basketball and baseball.
  87. I've always wanted a flying squirrel. I think it would be the coolest pet ever. He could live in my pocket! When I get home, he'll fly off his perch and land on my shoulder and scamper around squeaking happily. Alas, my frequent moving prevents me from acquiring the furry companion.
  88. I'm not very opinionated and I hate confrontation. I'm the guy who will just eat my food if they get my order wrong instead of sending it back. I think this makes my life a little more stress free but it also means I get taken advantage of a lot. I feel I'm better now at standing up for myself than I ever have been though.
  89. I don't feel nearly as old as I am. Never have, guess thats kinda normal though.
  90. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and I can't sleep very well in cars, planes, or anywhere other than my own bed. It's annoying. I can be completely exhausted and still lay in bed for over an hour before falling asleep.
  91. I've been wearing an RSL bracelet since I went to the championship game in Seattle last season. I won't take it off until we win it all again.
  92. I think I'm pretty good with kids. I can keep them entertained and get them to stop crying and start laughing pretty well. However, the thought of having my own kids scares the crap out of me. As I'm dealing with kids I always know that before the end of the day I don't have to worry about them anymore. I have a profound respect for my parents, and all parents.
  93. I'm not very good with big words, I should carry a thesasorous to help me out. Fachicous?
  94. I don't really have a temper and I don't recall ever really being in a real fight/argument with anyone. It would really take a lot to piss me off. Sometimes though, this has been a bad thing.
  95. I called 911 three times in Kansas City to report houses on fire.
  96. I'm pretty sure that even if I had millions of dollars I would still probably shop for clothes at DI or Ross, still order from the dollar menu, still buy the generic brand cereals, still turn the heater off and get an extra blanket, still not pay for TV, and still work at a ski resort to get the free pass.
  97. I once urinated in the middle of a freeway, this act was closely related to the reactions of my friends from number 79.
  98. I've never been to Lake Powell, this makes me sad. I'm quite familiar with Flaming Gorge though.
  99. I like to pretend I'm a river guide. Once while running the snake everyone fell out. Everyone was soon back in the raft until I realized we were one person short. Carrie popped up about 15 seconds later and 50 yards away. I had to swim after her, she was very close to drowned. I think she still kinda has a water phobia. I still pretend to be a river guide.
  100. This list took me a month to make.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

If only all decisions were this awesome!

I have a dilemma...

The ski resort closes on April 10th so I only have about 20 days to figure my summer out. I still have my other job as a manager and ref at the soccer gym but that place doesn't have very much work in the summer and I'd prefer to not have to be there anyway. So I need some help deciding what to do this summer. Here are the plans so far:

Plan A: Work at a ski resort in New Zealand
I would work at the ski resort in NZ from June to October. From April to June I would spend a few weeks back in Maui and then a few more weeks in Samoa with Reed's parents. This obviously is what I really want to do this summer, I have sent several applications to resorts in New Zealand unfortunately I didn't get my level 2 certification in time so that option is not looking as plausible.

Plan B: Just go back to Maui and do the same thing that I did last summer. This is quite possibly the most awesome plan B ever. I hope that this plan would still include Samoa.

Plan C: Go to guide school and work in Jackson or Moab as a river guide. I have the experience and the connections to make this one very plausible. Downfall would be rent in Jackson, it's not cheap. I'm not sure what it's like in Moab. This option would most definitely involve my normal favorite summer activities of backpacking and mountain biking.

Plan D: Stay in Utah and coach soccer teams. Forza Soccer club already wants to give me a team in April. It's about 500-800 per month per team for about 3-5 hours of work per week. This option would HAVE to include a Belize surf trip. Or some sort of surf trip. And it would be cool to be with friends and family and get to go do all my favorite Utah summer activities. This plan might also include looking for a permanent Utah job...that sounds smart but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet, and honestly, I've never really stopped looking for a permanent job and I have found absolutely NOTHING. It's quite discouraging...

Plan E: Backpack Europe. This plan might not be very plausible simply on account of money, and mostly because I doubt I could find anyone to do it with me, and I wouldn't want to do it alone. But seriously, land in London and 2-3 months later fly home from Cairo. Whatever goes in between!

So far those are the plans. The awesome part is that none of them are really bad options, whatever happens this summer should be awesome. And I think the mostly likely event will be a mixture of the plans somehow. I know that no matter what I am going back to Maui, at least for a little while, and I would love to do the Samoa thing as well. So we'll see, I guess it's kind of exciting, but at the same time, I gotta get it figured out... For the moment, I'm waiting to hear word from the Kiwis. Crossing my fingers!

What would you do?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Month Last

Wow. In January, I didn't do much...In February, I did.

I skied every day except for 5 in the month of February. But before you wonder what is wrong with that, know that only ONE of those days was just for fun. All the others were either working or training. I am trying to get my PSIA level 2 certification which consists of written, skiing, and teaching exams with required clinics and what not. So I have been going to training sessions, clinics, assessments, and workshops every day I wasn't teaching. And teach I did...Over Presidents day I worked 13 days in a row. That's a lot of straight days to ski, and remember I'm skiing with up to 8 little rippers for 7 hours. It's a lot of work. Of course I love doing it, but it can get tiring. So I was pretty busy with all that.

Also in February I earned my UYSA D certificate. Those are my fancy words for a coaching license. The plan is to now get paid to be a soccer coach. So that was a two week course involving full on soccer practices, classroom sessions, homework, written and practical exams. So every night after work at the ski resort I went straight to coaching clinic and ran around for three hours in the frozen winter nights.

If I wasn't at a coaching clinic at night I was at my other job at the Soccer gym. Reffing games, babysitting adults, trying to...well, just read an earlier post, you'll get the idea. The last game every night starts at 11:15pm so I get home about 1am. Then I do it all over again.

Between all that I studied for the soccer and skiing certification written exams. It was a lot like being in college again. It's almost over now, I'm still super busy, but It feels good to have got it done. My bank account is full, I'm certified to coach premier soccer and get paid for it, and I'm about half way to being certified PSIA level 2 which comes with a hefty pay raise and a potential sponsorship to New Zealand. It's all good! But it's 8:30 and I'm going to bed!