Monday, May 30, 2011


It has come to my attention that this blog is no longer safe for work...

I apologize.  But not really, I think it's hilarious!  The dang waterfall is called Mooney for crying out loud!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Due to some minor remodel and house cleaning work at my parents house I have made a few nostalgic discoveries.  I've opened a time capsule from my high school years and what I've found is a little disturbing, and ridiculously entertaining.  So I will now share with you!

First of all, I discovered a box full of letters, cards, and notes that I kept.  Most of these are pretty normal and relatively uninteresting, regular letters from friends that moved away, buddies on missions, and cards I received from family members and what not.  Some of them however, are notes...notes from girls!  Now, I do remember from high school that I really didn't care much about anything unless it was swimming, soccer, skiing, jumping off cliffs, or hanging out with my fellas, what I don't remember from high school, is all this drama with the ladies.  I have loads and loads of these notes from girls full of all sorts of daytime drama stuff and while I remember most of the people these notes are from, I do NOT remember reading any of the things these notes have written in them.  Because I do not remember any of those girls feeling so strongly about me in any way.  The level of undying love professed to me is very flattering but only reiterates how much I didn't care about such things in high school.  I would feel really bad about being so clueless to these people's feelings, being so naive to all things female, and probably being quite rude to these girls who were so smitten with me, except that every single one of them (to my knowledge) is currently happily wed with some rugrats in tow.  So the drama instilled by my indifference hopefully didn't have any lasting emotional effects on anyone.  The funny thing...I know for a fact that some of these girls read this blog!  Sorry ladies, please forgive my high school naivety and indifference, it was nothing personal, I just had other, more important things on my mind, like beating that next level on Goldeneye.

My other discovery was stacks and stacks of old video tapes.  In high school and beyond I pretty much always had a video camera with me.  This was back before they fit in your pocket mind you.  But I found these, and a bunch of family home videos, and decided to record them all onto my computer for safe keeping.  An arduous task since converting analog to digital requires it be done in real time, which means...for the past week I have been sitting here, watching all these videos.  The first and most obvious thing that has struck me is how ridiculously good looking I am (an obvious conclusion also based on the treasure trove of love letters I just wrote about).  The second was that I had (and still have, most are the same today) some pretty hilarious and awesome friends.  We had some dang good times!  But the last and most disturbing thing, is that...I was kind of an obnoxious brat in high school.  Seriously, was I that annoying to everyone?  Or is there just something about watching yourself that makes you your own worst critic?  It's amazing I had any friends at all!  Good grief...   Anyways, it's been pretty fun watching all this stuff.  Some of these I have never even seen before.  Maybe I'll make a highlight reel and put it up someday.  Many of you are in them too, so I'd be happy to make some special edits upon request!

(p.s. this is not an open forum for agreeing with me and discussing how annoying you thought I was in high school)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Maui: Season 2 premier!

Ok here it is, only one year late!  This is the first installment of slideshows from my second year in Maui.  When I went back to Maui last year a bunch of my family members came out with me to attend my cousin Heather's wedding.  We also did a bunch of touristy stuff of course, including several days on Kauai.  It was a good time.  This slideshow is all from that time.

Maui: Season 2 Premier from LoPpsided on Vimeo.

Music Credits in order: "My Time with You" by Kina Grannis and David Choi, "Summer's Gone" by Aberfeldy, "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have neglected you.  But be advised that I am not dead.  I'm very much alive.  And I promise to return to my blogging ways as soon as possible.  Thank you for understanding and hang in there.

Yours truly,