Saturday, September 29, 2012


Wow, such a big change from sleepy little Jindabyne! I spent two days and some change here. I have realized since being in Sydney that I really haven't spent that much time in big cities throughout my life. But the city that Sydney reminded me of the most is Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The downtown area is very busy with pedestrians and everything is very close. I really loved Sydney though! I've decided that if I ever have to live in a big city someday, then it needs to have nice beaches and good surf spots. We went to Manly Beach, which reminded me of Varna (another Bulgarian city), it was a very chill little beach town just a short ferry ride away from downtown Sydney. Also went to Bondi which had really good surf. I didn't paddle out on account of we had plans already. I'm too spoiled from Maui to be bothered with wet suits now anyway. We walked along the beach from Bondi to Coogee beach. A very pleasant stroll, again, right on the edge of the posh big city. Our hostel was everything you'd expect from a hostel. I'm glad to announce that my first stay in a hostel didn't result in being kidnapped and sold for body parts. I'm not entirely sure I could live in that big of a city for too long, but my experience there for two days was pretty cool. I'm quite disapointed in how tired and sore I am from walking around so much. You would think a season of deadly ski instructing would be sufficient exercise to allow for a bit of walking around, but alas, I'm an old fart. Ended up in more taxis than I'd like to admit. We went to an aquarium. Pretty much the ocean here has lots of critters in it too. I really missed the ocean. So my favorite part about Sydney was...the ocean. So, I'm in a hurry to use this internet before computer dies, so sorry about the lack of humorous wit. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Also, Sydney was almost a week ago, it's going to be hard for me to stay up to date, I'll do my best!

Our Hostel

The Sydney Tower Eye

Opera House

Ferry docks

The Harbor Bridge


Downtown Sydney

Bondi Beach

Marianna, Sophie, Chris on our walk to Coogge


Really cool cemetery on the sea bluffs

This was just a cool inlet they turned into a swimming place.
More to come soon.  Hint: If we were meant to pop out of bed...we'd all sleep in Toasters!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The End and The Beginning

I apologize for my blogging neglect once again. My excuse this time is that I simply didn't have much to say. But alas, my time in Jindabyne has come to an end and thus begins a new adventure for me that will hopefully be ripe with blogging material for all 3 of you to enjoy! 

First though, I will give an eulogy to little Jindabyne. Since I arrived in Jindabyne I had not once traveled beyond it's borders other than the 15 minute drive to Perisher. All of Australia that my eyes had seen was contained in this tiny town and road to the ski resort. But, Jindabybe is such, that I was quite content with this containment. It's a very tiny town with a LOT of people there. People from all over the world migrate there every fall to staff the positions at Perisher and Thredbo ski resorts. Creating a melting pot of young diversity. In Layman's was fun! I met loads of people with similar passions for skiing, mountains, and travel. Watching the Olympics was particularly enjoyable as every night no less than 6 nations would be represented on our couches cheering for their countries and against the others. (though the horribly biased Australian coverage made this experience slightly less than ideal for those of non-aussie decent) Americans, Brits, Aussies, Canucks, Argies, Slovenians, Dutch, and more were commonly cheering for their countrymen. Other than the Olympiad, Jindabyne offered little in the way of entertainment. The main attractions being 4 small pubs. You can imagine then, a town with close to 40,000 young people, the amount of business these small establishments were receiving. The effects were seen and heard nightly. Personally I have a strong opinion of those who are under the influence, and I was almost daily affronted by some manner of drunken idiotry. This was my least favorite part... But still almost daily we'd get together with friends from all nations for dinner, or a movie, or for fun and interesting conversation. A sports center offered trampoline aerials coaching. A bistro offered $10 steak nights ( a very good deal). The town itself offered nice parks by the lake with free gas grills. Despite the extreme rurality of the place, seldom did I feel want of something to do. I have really grown quite fond of the place and the people there that are now my friends. 

Life at the ski resort was much less relaxed. I find it hard to describe in words what it was like working at Perisher. To put it into perspective, you must realize that most of the people visiting Perisher and taking ski lessons, have never seen snow before. The snow literally only falls on the very top of the highest mountains which very few Australians actually live near. The wonderful world of snowy winter is very foreign to 99% of the population. So the common sense that those of us accustomed to winter and snow inherently possess, is not to be found in our guests at Perisher. Everything from driving on a road with a little bit of slush on it, to waiting in a lift line, are tasks of great disconcern, confusion, chaos, and terror for them. So, being their instructor entails a much greater effort and much lower expectations. Things that seem common sense to me, are as foreign as a Slovakian film about a dooneri chef with Cambodian sub-titles is to them! Add this chaos with a class size of ten people or more, and you have a recipe for a ski instructors worse nightmare. Trying to keep track of, keep safe, and actually teach 9 four olds all while avoiding the hundreds of punters on the hill that have no idea what they are doing, was enough to drive several of my co-workers to the brink of insanity. I barely made it to the end. In fact, despite the odds against me, I even managed to have some fun! I will say this, being a ski instructor anywhere else in the world...will seem like a walk in the park from here on out! And I can't wait, to go for a walk in the park!
As I said though, that time has now ended. I have left Jindabyne (and only now in the midst of the huge city of Sydney have I realized how tiny it was) and started my travels. Of which I will do my best to share with you. So come back oft to find out where I have gone next! Mom, don't worry, I'll tell you where I'm going!

The Town Of Jindabyne

Skiing at Perisher