Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maui: Season 2, Episode 2

Don't get confused, this slideshow is over a year old, this is not current.  Yeah, I'm over a year behind in the making of my Maui slideshows, sorry.  But here ya go!  Last year after I come back to Maui from Kauai, and my family went back to Utah, Cindy was already in Lahaina, then Reed and Stacey came, then Caitlyn showed up, this slideshow is mostly the adventures we all had.

Check out season 2's first episode here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Close Encounters of the Coral Reef Kind

 The other day my good friend Big Wave introduced me to his friend Coral Reef, and I got mauled by a lion...

Day after...

4 days after...

This summer has produced the greatest south swells I've ever experienced and as a result I've had some of the greatest surf sessions of my life.  The wave that produced the lion attack as seen above was no exception!  Surfs up braddah!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Maui Girl 5690.

About one month ago I went down to the shore for my daily surf and noticed a small section of the beach at breakwall had been fenced off.  Then I noticed that inside the little fenced off area was a large depression.  When I realized what it was I got really excited and I've been eagerly anticipating the birth of little baby sea turtles ever since!  This week, my persistence in observation finally paid off!  Here is the story as I have learned from the experts...
In 1980 a baby turtle was born and kept by researchers for researching purposes.  She was raised in a marine biology type place until she was one.  She was given a tag, #5690, and a name, Maui Girl.  Maui Girl was released off of the Big Island in 1981.  In the year 2000 Maui Girl showed up on the beach right here by my house in Lahaina and layed several nests.  Every other year ever since then, she has come back to the exact same beach to lay her eggs.  Except last year she didn't show up as scheduled.  But this year, one year late, she came back and so far has laid 6 nests!  One nest every two weeks.  I missed the hatching of the first nest but last Wednesday I got word that the baby turtles were coming out of the second nest.  I missed that night but camped out on the beach Thursday night to see if there were any stragglers.  Disappointed I went home and to bed, just to get a text message that two more babies had emerged from the nest.  The Hawaii Fish and Wildlife folks showed up yesterday though, to excavate the nest.  They do this for two reasons.  The first is to save any baby turtles that might still be alive but can't dig themselves out, and the second is to research and document how many eggs, how deep the nest is, how many made it out of the nest alive etc.  So I went down to watch.  To the cheers of the crowd, they found 5 tiny baby sea turtles were still alive!  They were stuck under their poor brothers and sisters who were already dead.  The researchers waited until it was dark enough and they let the little guys finish their trek to the sea!  It was "totally awesome dude!" (to quote Squirt)  I will now be checking all the other nests on a two week basis hoping to see the rest of them hatch!  This is especially cool for me because a huge part of my job has been learning about Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.  I swim with them everyday and teach the Tourons all about them and help people find them in their special hiding places and cleaning stations.  They are some of my most favorite of God's creatures and it's so fun for me to watch them start their lives!  You can learn more about Maui Girl at these websites: 
The Maui News:  About her failure to show up last year.
The Maui News: Her Return this year!
The Truth of 5690 

This is when the surviving babies that couldn't make it out on their own were uncovered.


This is their final trek to the ocean!

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have some more news and photos from the other nests!