Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Since last time...

Hi!  I haven't written in awhile.  Sorry about that... If I had been writing though, I would have written about this...

Ski season:  Another season in the books.  This one was #6 as an instructor.  But #1as a supervisor.  I supervised the 4-6 year old program.  To put that into perspective.  We average about 80 kids a day with 1 instructor per three kids.  Instructors are usually in the teen to still can't drink age group with little to no experience with children or teaching skiing.  And I'm in charge.  It's slightly organized chaos.  I have become the child whisperer!  If it goes wrong, it's my job to step up to the plate.  From code browns to huckleberries, supervisor just means I deal with everything not good.  Even though I went from teaching wealthy hot shots with deep pockets to babysitting children and the children teaching the children, it was pretty awesome.


Though I did get to teach Erin how to ski, and she did great!

Went on my annual ride in the Millennium Falcon down to the seashore to get my surf on.  We had some issues with the hyper drive on the way home, but the waves were super tasty and the tuna steaks were delicious as well. 
Thanks to Carrie's job at an airline, on Friday at noon we decided to go on a trip and Saturday at noon I was on the Island of Women, Isla Mujeres.  Only spent 4 days there, but it was pretty cool to be warm and be back in the ocean again, in my birthday suit.



I finally checked the redwoods off my bucket list as Erin and I drove to N. Cal. to see some big trees and find the ewoks.  We did find some very big trees, and it was awesome. Also went to the fern canyon and saw some orcas!



For the third year in a row I went to Moab with friends and the ward I'm in.

 Also went river rafting with the ward, and while there I jumped into some massive rapids with a surfboard again.(Though as is surfing tradition, I have no photo evidence of that....)

I got to go out on the Hatch's boat with Tami and some of the kids.  Gregg and I got ran over by a bus, er...I mean we rode the tube.


It may not seem as exciting of an item to be on a bucket list, but I have always wanted to see the Utah State Capital building.  So Erin and I went!

Lots of other stuff happened too, but I have to go get on a plane to go back to Australia now!  If you have read this far and you are a friend or family and I didn't say goodbye to you then I am sorry!  But I'll actually be back here in Utah pretty soon so I'll see you soon!