Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scuba Duba Doo!

So I finally got to go diving.

Scuba diving has been something I have wanted to do my whole life and I've always felt a little weird that I haven't done it yet seeing as how I've done just about everything else humanly possible in the water and love it so much.  And just as I expected...it is now one of my most favorite things to do EVER!  These pictures are from my first ever dive at Mala wharf, an old Pier that collapsed in a hurricane in 1993.

Tera and Dread Jake.  Garrett in the back.

Reef shark!
The old pier.
Spotted Eagle Rays.
Underwater pole dancing?  Go Tera!
Dread Jake and a cool starfish.

Cool Tera has cool gloves.

 So I have actually been diving every day since!  No pictures though....frowny face.  Today at work though I got to dive with dolphins!  On our way back to Maui from Lanai we came across a pod of spinner and spotted dolphins and since we had a very small number of people today the captain let us jump in with them!  It was pretty sweet, unfortunately an open water dive with tourists means I didn't have a free hand to take my camera into the water with me, but the dolphins were really cool.  I did get some shots before we got in.


Court and Jill said...

Are you gonna get eaten by a shark? The ocean scares me a little :)

Our Family said...

Dallon -glad there are still a few things you can do for the first time. Derrek has wanted to scuba for ever. He will be so jealous. Enjoy Kap