Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maui: Episode 10

This slideshow is a few months old now but here is number 10 from Maui.

We Went out to Lana'i again with Oren. This time Cindy came along. I swam around in the ocean for three hours. I found caves and all sorts of fun underwater adventures. Wow, have I mentioned how much I LOVE the ocean! It's like a whole nother world under there. I wish I had lungs! You can tell how much I love it by the 10 minutes of underwater video in this episode. The rest of the episode is my second trip to Oahu. I had a great time with my friends from Maui going to school there, and my friend Jules. We went to lots of different beaches and a few hikes. We camped on the beach too, that was pretty rad. I'm pretty sure I could live my whole life in a tent if it was always next to the ocean! The last several minutes are when I surfed pipeline. I already wrote about that but I'll tell you again, it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. It poured rain for a few minutes but I was already wet so it didn't matter that much. It wasn't a triple crown pipe day at pipeline but I still had a good time. I also surfed sunset and chungs. Wow, I love it. I was all pretty awesome. Life is pretty awesome! Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ski Season and Real Salt Lake!

Aloha Utah! You may not know this but I am back in Utah, you may not know this because I'm in denial that I'm not in Maui anymore, and the more people that know I'm here the more real it becomes. Speaking of Real...


I'll get back to that...
I came back to Utah to further my career as a ski instructor so I had to come back when the snow started to fly. This winter I'm working on getting my PSIA certifications that will put me in position to turn skiing into a career. This is the main reason I gave up my life in paradise. Don't worry though, I still have at least 3 Maui slideshow episodes to post. Admittedly though, I have quite mixed feelings on my move. It's been good to see friends and family, but my toes are SOOOO cold! I really miss Maui already, but my first night back I watched this years Warren Miller movie and I'm pretty stoked on ski season. I never thought trading surfing for skiing would be this hard, but I fully plan on making this winter just as epic as summer was.

Now, this last weekend I drove to Seattle with some friends to watch Real Salt Lake win the MLS Cup! It was so much fun! It was such an amazing experience to be there to watch my fellas win it all. I worked for RSL last season and I am so excited for those guys. I followed the team while in Maui and one month ago I was certain we weren't even going to make it into the playoffs, today...we are the champions! I am way stoked and had a blast! Ole Ole Ole Ole Real Salt Lake!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Episode 9

This whole episode is from when my friends Tara and Kristi came to visit. Half of it is a turtle montage, but I like turtles, so it's in there. Spread the Aloha!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The things smart people know.

Smart people know that after you have been running VERY hot water (hot like it's coming straight from the center of a volcano hot)for a long time, and you switch it off for the cold water, you should wait a little bit for all the water to run out of the pipes before sticking your hands in it...OUCH!

Smart people know that when you are tall, you shouldn't take you shirt off while underneath a ceiling fan that is on full blast...OUCH!

Smart people know that after you have scrubbed one foot really well with lots of bubbly, slippery soap, you should rinse it off real well before placing it down and lifting the other one to wash it...OUCH!

Ugh...I learned a lot today, maybe I'll be a smart person soon too!
The last one hurt the most.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Episode 8

Most of the locations of these pictures are repeats. But there is new people in them all! Remember, I make these mostly for me, so sorry if this is boring to you. But the adventures in this slideshow are as follows:
My friend Alyssa went back to school at BYU in Provo (poor thing) and she wanted to take the road to Hana one more time. So the beginning is just one more Hana adventure. Hana as seen from the back of a truck is pretty dang awesome! Especially when crazy Koleka thinks she has a bug in her hair! Funny stuff! Then my other friend Ashley left for BYU on Oahu and before she left she wanted me to take her on the commando hike. So the two of us planned on doing it one day after a baptism. I was a tad nervous about taking her becuase it's a pretty sketchy hike and danger is high. But I knew she was tough. But then, she invited half the branch to come at the baptism so we ended up with about 15 people on the hike with us. which made me even more nervous becuase none of these people had any idea what they were getting into. it took us forever, no one got seriously hurt, and the next day in testimony meeting most of the people who had a miserable time during the hike expressed their gratitude for such an amazing experience. During the hike I wasn't a popular haole at all! Some of them had never done ANY hiking and this was full on Bear Grylls slip and die stuff! Then to my surprise most of the girls even jumped the cliffs! It turned out pretty awesome. Other than that just some fun with friends and more Maui beauty! Enjoy, ALOHA!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shoots Brah!

I just came home from a four day trip to Oahu. (Home is currently Maui to avoid confusion) And it was awesome. I hiked, jumped, swam, sat, surfed, and loved...every second of it. I will get to that when I make a slideshow of it. Which I am getting behind on, sorry. But while on Oahu I went to the North Shore. For the uninformed...North Shore on Oahu is the Mecca, birthplace, holy grail, and most famous place for surfing in the world. And I surfed it! Now it's epicness comes from the winter months when the North Pacific storms send down swells that would eat 5 story buildings, but late September was good enough for me! yeah, the waves were pretty big. I spent a day watching and scouting before I paddled out and I was filled with mixed feelings of fear and excitement. So I rented a board and threw it in the back of my bright blue PT Cruiser that just screamed TOURIST! all over it, and went to find my surferhood (like manhood, but for surfers). I physically shook with fear, because the waves were huge and the locals are mean. I camped out at the end of the lineup for awhile waiting for a wave no one else wanted. I stared down into the clear blue water and could actually see the reef caves and canyons that have actually claimed the lives of significantly professional surfers. My heart beat faster than the first time I, was beating fast! Finally, I was in a good spot to catch a wave without getting in anyone's way. Then the most amazing thing happened...I paddled into to this huge mass of moving water, stood up and rode the greatest ride of my life. I caught so much speed dropping in, then made my first turn to the right (I'm not so good at the rights) and cut back to the left and realized I still had massive wave behind me. So I cut back right again and rode the lip then turned back down the face. The reef was flying by underneath, the wind was blowing the surf into my face, and I just kept riding. The power didn't die like I am used to, just kept pushing. I realized that in a few more seconds I would be barrelled on the sandy beach, so I peeled off the back of the wave, landed on my board, wiped my wet hair out of my eyes and paddled back out. But this time I got right in to the middle of the lineup, with all the locals. Then the second most amazing thing happened. I did it all again. Then again and again and six hours later I was still doing it. I had just surfed Bonzai Pipeline, and I surfed it well. I felt like I deserved to be in that wave, I had earned respect in the lineup. Sure it wasn't going off like you see in December but hey, it was going off for me. Then I realized: I don't wear shoes anymore-I walk everywhere barefoot; I say "shoots brah"; My hair is always in my eyes and yeah, its actually really blonde; I am almost constantly feeling in my mind the sensation of riding a wave; and...I just surfed Pipeline on the North Shore!

It's official...I AM A SURFER.

I didn't even make anyone mad, get barrelled by waves, or embarrass myself in any way. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. Even the pouring rain didn't make a difference. Shoots, I surfed pipe in a typhoon!
Then today I went back to my humble little breakwall on Maui. Pulled out the longboard and it just wasn't the same as it was last time I was there. North shore changed me. Tiny little waves weren't this tiny last week. But you know what, I just worked on nose riding and still had blast! Funny thing though, here at humble breakwall I almost got in a fight! check this out:
surfer 1: Wutchyou doin brah!
surfer 2: What?
surfer 1: Wutchyou mean wut? Why jew drop in on me!?
surfer 2: I didn't drop in on you, there were like ten people on that wave. Chill out.
(surfer 1 throws his board at surfer 2)
surfer 1: where jew goin!?
surfer 2: surfing. you?
(surfer 1 grabs surfer 2's ankle)
surfer 1: Hey! We gonna take dis to da beach!?
surfer 2: you mean like a date? No thanks, I like girls.
surfer 1: I'll (expletive) you up!
surfer 2: Hey I said I'm not interested in that sort of thing
(big wave hits both surfers, surfer 2 paddles away and doesn't see surfer 1 again till later, surfer 1 is waiting on the beach)

Well, I am surfer 2, and surfer 1 is some 40 year old local hawaiian with a bad case of little man syndrome. Lucky for me (or him, I'm not really tested in the fighting arena) he left before I came in. So much for the Aloha spirit! I miss north shore.

p.s. I didn't drop in on him. Surfer law states that he who is up first gets the wave. That was very much me.

I love Hawaii!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I know this is meager, but in an attempt to help you understand why things are different here and why I love it so much here, I will tell you this....

I didn't have a phone for ten days, and the most annoying thing about that was that I never knew what time it was, and that's only because I needed to know when lunch break was and when to be back!

And on another note, I should have taken my camera out surfing tonight. It was another gorgeous sunset. I love how I can actually see every night the sun a little bit further to the south as it goes below the horizon. Remember how it used to be right where the Island of Lanai'i touches the sea, now it is way far up Lanai'i's mountains. It's beautiful to watch every night. I love it here, I still love home too. Everywhere is just awesome!

long legs/surfing + low tide x coral reef =

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Episode 7

It's time for another slide show! I know they all look the same but every picture means something to me! So this time...Our buddy Oren hooked us up and got us on one of the Trilogy boat cruises to the island of Lanai. It was great, we even got to help rig the sails. This is the job I really wanted when I came here, didn't work out obviously but oh well. Then the singles branch I'm in had a luau, then there is a picture from us at Pu'ukalani where the first LDS chapel in Hawaii is. Then we went to Oahu. We went to North shore, the PCC, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki etc. Pearl Harbor was amazing. I love history and especially WW2 history, I think it's amazing how our country came together during such a horrible time. Then the rest is just playing with friends. Life is beautiful. Love you all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For the Beauty of the Earth.

So i got my waterproof camera back from the repair shop and I decided to try to share with you what I was talking about in a previous blog about last Friday night. I knew any pictures wouldn't do it justice but I tried anyway, and I was right. But tonight and last night I took my camera out with me and took these photos. It was unbelievable on Friday night, these two nights were ok. But I hope this gives you an idea of what I was trying to portray in words. And also, think about what Derrek commented on that entry. At the end watch the video closely, I got a bonus treat tonight. I was surfing with giant manarays. You can see their wingtips breaching a bit. It was amazing. The song is by Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (Iz). He is a Hawaiian legend, this is this song I heard from the boat last Friday night. Hope you enjoy this, and all the beauty in every day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Still not learning my own lessons...

Another stupid back flop...I can still move my neck this time though. Ugh...stupid. I promise I can do that without hurting myself, there were girls watching me this time, plus a few dozen annoying tourists...nuff said.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Epic.

To the west is the Island of Lanai'i. A cloud sits atop the island peaks like a kings crown. The sun starts high and slowly sinks in the sky until it touches the horizon at the exact spot where Lanai'i's shores touch the sea. The color of the sky is changing from a bright blue to a golden yellow and bright oranges and pinks. The sun bands in union the land and the sea like a golden ring. For several minutes sun, earth and sea are one. To the south the whispy clouds are still lit by the suns rays and the colors are so bright and vivid only heaven can be more beautiful. Just before the sun is completely gone a sliver of light appears just above the sun and is nearly perched perfectlly on top of Lanai'i's peaks, the moon is old and waning but shows pearfectyl in the dusk. To the east the shores of Lahaina are lined with palm trees and lovers walking the sandy beaches. Above them rise the jagged West Maui Mountains recently blanketed with green life from the tropical rains. Also covering Maui's peaks are perfectly white clouds that never seem to move. The sky behind the peaks and clouds is like a painter's palette with deep purples, blues, and pinks. One star in the west sky shines brightly in the sky to balance the moon sliver in the east. Between them is the Auau Channel. The Spirit of Lahaina is moored there and from her decks is heard Iz's version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. Over the sound of the waves crashing can be heard the drums from the Feast at Lele, the ancient home of King Kamehameha. And in the middle of it all, I sit on my surfboard. Surfing some of the best waves I have ever caught. I am almost completely overwhelmed with the experience, it touches a side of spiritual. I catch wave after wave until I realize that it is almost pitch dark, and I am completely alone. Only the lights of the harbor help me find my way back to the beach. I am home now, a few hundred yards away, but that wasn't a dream. That was real. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Epic does not describe it. These words don't do it justice. I've still got chicken skin and it isn't cold at all. That was my Friday night, and I have never had a better.

To my Father and Creator, Mahalo for the beauty of the Earth!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contributing to society. Ugh...

So, don't think I'm getting responsible or anything, but I started a new job this week. I just need the means to stay in Maui that's all. So at my new job, a bunch of my co-workers are from the mainland and are here just for the job. But first to backtrack a bit, before I moved to Maui I watched a movie called North Shore ( a must see) and thought to myself, no one actually talks like that in Hawaii! Then, I came here and realized I didn't have a dang clue what people were talking about most of the time. It all soundy like freaky deaky dutch to me! Now back to the present...So yesterday at work I looked at my boss (one of the off islanders) and said "We pau ya?" The man stared at me with blank eyes that muttered HUH? It then occurred to me what was happening. I am no longer the haole kook that doesn't have a clue! It is a good feeling to have. I'm slowly becoming a little less mainlander and a little more islander. To celbrate after I pau hana I put on slippers, talked story, go da store and got me mochi! It was awesome...Brah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Part 2

This video is part two of our week as tourists with Cindy and Stacie. This one starts with our two day Hana adventure. We camped on a beach again except this time it RAINED all night long. Tent was really good at letting water in, but not letting it out. We did most of the normal Hana things, so most of that part should look familiar. I just didn't have my waterproof camera anymore so the pictures are much more dry than normal. After our Hana trip we went to a Luau, and several beaches. The girls parasailed and we drove up to the top of the volcano Haleakala to watch the sunrise. It was FREEZING up there! Yeah, I said that right. We done froze our nippers off! But alas, the ladies went home...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pushing the reset button.

Things Hawaii is teaching me that I hope I'm learning:
  • There is beauty in everything, even the ordinary. I wish I was a better photographer so I could capture the simple beauty in this world. It's in everything and everyone. We just have to slow our lives down a little to notice. Yesterday I spent an hour following a giant sea turtle around the ocean, he was almost twice my size. It was pretty amazing. Sea turtles have been around since ancient times, they haven't changed and they still aren't in a hurry. We should be more like sea turtles. Every tree, rock, wave, sunset, and person has something uniquely beautiful about it, I am glad I'm finally starting to notice.
  • You will never get today twice. You can never have yesterday back. Make the best of it. I have mandatory 'in the ocean' time every day. What if I don't live by the ocean someday, I don't want to regret not exploring every wave and reef while I had the chance. Make the best of your situations or make a better situation. Don't restrain yourself by what others think you should be doing. If you are not happy it is not good. If you find yourself wishing something...stop wishing and make it happen. If you are wishing you could fly, probably don't listen to me, or at least wear a parachute.
  • The ocean is pretty darn cool. We know more about the moon than we do about the ocean. I want to live on a sailboat someday. Just go wherever in the world I want. A tropical storm just hit Hawaii. I watched the ocean in the channel between Maui and Lanai'i for hours. It looked like a giant river the way the wind was blowing the water. It was beautiful. I don't know why I'm so fascinated with water but I am and I should have been a fish.
  • I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of myself because I haven't grown out of the things I think are fun. I love to do all the same things I loved when I was little, plus a bunch of new stuff. I'm not saying I haven't grown up, I just haven't grown boring. I hope I backflip off ridiculously high cliffs when I'm 80!(just hope I land them better then) Simple things in life still give me pleasure. I still get giddy at waterparks. Brightly colored fish are still fascinating. I still put my hand out the window in a car and pretend it's an airplane. And I really wish I had my legos with me. Stupid silly things still crack me up. And farting will always be funny! Kudos to me for still doing the things I love to do.
  • I'm still kind of a hopeless romantic. A little more hopless than before I think, but still. Most of you that know me at all problem won't believe any of this, but I still hope I have a sappy 'chick flick' story to tell my kids someday. Kinda thought I'd lost faith in that mushy stuff but I guess it's back. No reason in particular why that I can think of that it's back, time heals all wounds I guess. But I'll even be so bold as to use the L word here. I'm super stoked about falling in love with someone someday. Hasn't really happened yet but that's why it's so exciting, it's never happened so it will all be completely new. Like eating chocolate for the first time after a lifetime of chocolate fasting. (Hmmm, I'm talking about lovey stuff here, not kinky stuff;  chocolate analogy might not have been the best.) I look forward to all that mushy lovey stuff. And even though there's still other stuff I want to do in life first, I like knowing I will always have that great eternal adventure to look forward to. And all the small everyday adventures we'll have together!
  • Laughing is awesome, I've always know that, but just brain farted a bit.
  • Music is awesome. I totally regret only going to piano lessons for three weeks. I love music. Kinda thought I was loosing that too but it's also back. There is so much good music out there it's a little overwhelming because I just want to listen to it all. I have a musical surprise for everyone too, to be disclosed at a later time! Sure wish I had a lick of musical talent though.
  • Lahaina is FRICKING hot! That's where I live, Lahaina, thank goodness for mandatory ocean time.
  • Being kind to people is a trait I value in people more than anything else. I wish I was better at it. The secret to happiness, (besides all that gospel stuff) listen up people this is important, is kindness. Being kind to others and being around those who are kind to you. Also, a lifetime supply of chips! I L O V E chips. seriously, it's like joyfull bliss in a bag! But really though, kindness=awesome. Having a bad day? Go to a nursing home, or a parking lot, or your neighbors house, and do something nice for someone. To those of you in my life who are kind to me (you know who you are because you are still in my life) Thank you so much! I love you all!
  • But mostly... life is Awesome. I like it, a lot. Thanks for that all those involved.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hurricane Felicia is going to hit tomorrow so I figured I better get some more stuff on the blog before it's too late. With waves up to 15 feet through wed. I'm not going to on the computer much anyway! So a few weeks ago Cindy and Stacie came to visit us. Out of all the people that have said they are going to come visit these two are the only ones that have. So we decided to treat them by letting them stay in our 12 million dollar estate with us! We finished all our projects on the house the same time they got here so we got to stay at the house as our bonus for a week, as you can see, it wasn't that bad. This slideshow is part one of our week with the girls. We went snorkeling at Honolua Bay and Molokini Island, which is on the list of top ten best places to snorkel in the world. It was awesome, except that as soon as I jumped in the water with my waterproof camera it stopped being waterproof. Major bummer ya. So sadly, no pictures of Molokini, not underwater anyway. Which is too bad because there was this SI swimsuit model there who was being chased by a shark! But I caught the shark before it could eat her and threw it up onto the beach! The model thanked me by signing here bikini top and then giving it to me. True story! Too bad my camera broke and I can't prove it to you, oh well. The girls took some surf lessons and we went to hula show. The little girls wearing the coconuts we're adorably awesome. The first half of the week was definitely highlighted by a little fashion show Reed and I performed. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is no luck on finding a new job. The good news is that because I don't have a job I am getting really good at surfing! I mean really, I think surfing might just be my new job I'm so awesome. Who wouldn't want to pay me to surf?! I'd totally pay myself to surf if I could afford it, that's how good I'm getting! There is more bad news though, I lost my wingman. This must be how Maverick felt when Goose died. Yes, it is true...Reed was lulled back to that faraway land called Utah. The man has won another soul. RIU (rest it Utah) Reed. May your days be filled with green jello, clocking in and out, and ridiculously cheap milk. And your nights be filled with air conditioners and wet dreams (Surfing dreams, sicko). I'll make sure your board doesn't ever get lonely... So it's a little different surfing alone but at least there is no one around to scare all the surfer hotties away! Woowoo! Really though, surfing is great. Last weekend we were in Oahu and there was a freakishly big south summer swell so we got some boards and paddled out. It's a good thing I was already in the water because I totally wet my dungaroos. It was because of fear and excitement all in one! Seriously, have you ever surfed on a wave that was ten feet tall? Well I have! And it was awesome! The feeling of catching that wave then speeding down that huge face and making a perfect turn as all that force and power starts to crash down behind you and speeding off just in time to...get nailed by some kook on a paddle board! It's a pretty amazing feeling, and yes, despite the awesome swell, waikiki is way too ridiculously crowded. Totally worth fighting the crowds to catch those waves though. That weekend we also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor. Plus a lot of North Shore. It was all awesome. I could make a movie about my life and just call it Awesome. I'll get pictures from Oahu up here soon. Back here on Maui the waves have been quite small, but that all is going to change when hurricane Felicia gets here! That's right, I'm going to surf in a HURRICANE next week! Dad, don't worry, it's not as dumb as it sounds, the storm is only supposed to be a tropical storm by the time it gets to me. But still, I'm sticking with my word...AWESOME! So a few weeks back some friends came out to visit us, I've got some slideshows from all those adventures but I'll get those up later. Hope you are all well! Aloha Au Ia`oe

Dallon's Surf Report

It's good!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th of July plus some!

Hey! This next slideshow for your viewing pleasure is mostly from the 4th of July, which was pretty awesome! We woke up nice and early and went surfing! Actually not the first time I've done that on the 4th though. First time in Hawaii so that's pretty sweet. Of course these pictures don't do much justice. It's pretty hard trying to take pictures of someone while floating on a board in the waves. And of course we missed all the good ones. But we know it was awesome despite how it looks! After surfing we had a bbq at a friends house (no pictures) then went to the harbor to watch the fireworks. Fireworks+the ocean=cool. It was a good time. There are also pictures in here from the Relay For Life we participated in, some sunset views from our bedroom window and the beach one block away. Plus a pretty little place called Iao Valley. A little FYI we are done working on the mansion so it's all about surfing now! It's nice having more time to play, gotta find a new job still though. Lame. But, the 4th was awesome and here is awesome! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hana on Crack

Hello world, all four of you! So today's blogging adventure is about an adventure we had 2 weeks. I'm going out of order here but who cares really right. I'm getting pretty far behind on these things but hey, I'm in Maui, I do have better things to do! Anyways, On July 2 Reed, Cheryl, Oren and I did Hana. Hana is a place, it's awesome. You shall now see!

We drove out late Wed. night and camped on a beach somewhere. The drive there was highlighted by a wicked intense game of "In My World". Oren played some tunes on the beach and we woke up early the next day. Oren had to be back in town to do a gig that night and since Cheryl was leaving the next day for the mainland we had to do everything Hana has to offer in one day! So it was go go go. Hence, Hana on Crack! We first jumped off some waterfalls to help wake up. They are not hard to find. Then we swam in some underwater arctic caves for a couple of hours. We'd swim underwater into a new room just to see if we could swim into another room. Got a little lost but no one drowned by swimming into a room with no air so it was awesome! Then we swam out into the ocean to jump off some more stuff, sorry about the sideways video. Cheryl, even though it doesn't look sideways to you, you can't do that. We went to black and red sand beaches and for your consideration I waited for all the nudies to leave before taking any pictures. Then it was off to Waimoku falls and the 7 sacred pools, where we found some more waterfalls and bridges to jump off, (seriously, if you don't want people to jump off it, don't put an awesome sign up in front of it advertising that it is an awesome spot to jump from!) we played ninja in the bamboo forest and met Missy, the bamboo ninja cow. After jumping off another waterfall at the Emerald Pool (which wasn't all that emerald at all) we headed home. It was the greatest day EVER!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When it's bad, it's still pretty dang good.

So I'll get to the happenings of late later. Because they were good happenings! But, today...I got chewed out by Mr. Boss for getting grout on the stucko, I dropped my whole entire lunch on the ground after only one bite, I got plowed by a paddle boarder who put a monster hole in my surfboard, I got violated by a grocery store that charged me 18 bucks for cereal and milk, and THEN, Mcdonalds didn't have ANY ice cream left, not ANY! No milkshakes, sundaes, cones, NOTHIN! But you know what, it was still a pretty dang good day! Yup, I love Maui.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Super Maui Haole Duo!

This week we went carve boarding with Cheryl and Oren. Carve Boarding is the newest member of the "things Dallon likes to do" club. It might even gain great prestige within the club when I actually get good at it. We also did a bunch of surfing, that's just a given from here out, and went on a hike to a place called Makamakaole. Of course these pictures don't do it any justice, niether does the small amount of blood spilled. This hike had a 89 % chance of getting rediculously hurt and a 48% chance of death! (don't worry Mom, I just made that up) Seriously though, slip once and your gonna feel it! It was awesome! Guided by Cheryl, we rescued two young lass' who were lost and scared, Steph and Alayna. They were nice, it was awesome. Near the top we could here screams, We spotted them dangling over a cliff, just as Steph slipped and began to plummet to her certain death, I dove off the other side, grabbed her around the waist, and grabbed a rope that Reed had swung out to us just in time, I used my body to shield her as we crashed against the rocks, but I was able to slowly lower her down to safety. Reed meanwhile was holding Alayna back up at the top with one hand and the rope with us on it in the other. In the end, everyone was ok and we made some new friends! All in a days work for the Super Maui Haole Duo! Anyway, here is the slideshow! the music is again by Oren Masserman, please look him up and give him a listen. He is the guy on carveboard in the video part. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunset sesh.

Today, I surfed through the sunset and then under the moon and the stars. Catching waves by sound only. It was beautiful. And also...I used a bidet!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's all good.

What we've been up since my last pictures!

These pictures and videos are from a hike called swinging bridges. Then a cliff jumping spot behind a fancy hotel called black rock (notice my safe and feet first entry). Then some stuff out by Hana.

The Song is by a friend named Oren Masserman. It's called 'Stay Positive' On his album 'Spread the Aloha' check him out at

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.

Hey guys, sorry for lack of blogging lately. Something about this place makes it hard to sit still at a computer for too long. Not really a whole lot to tell anyways...It is two weeks after the notorious backflip. For the first week I could barely move. I could move the second week but still with much pain. Today it only hurts in the morning and my ribs, there is definitely still pain in the rib cage area. Luckily though, I have found some more cliffs since then to redeem myself on! Recently we've gone on more hikes, and we drove out to Hana (one of the prettiest places on earth, as long as you don't get car sick) with some friends. I will post some pictures later. We are still working on the house. It's almost done so we are too. Kinda looking forward to being unemployed actually, we'll get to surf more! This place is pretty amazing. It's hard to take anything too seriously, life is just more simple here. for example...

Here and Now vs. Then and There:
  • No Shirt, no shoes, no problem
  • I don't have a car and that's awesome
  • I own a surfboard
  • It takes 30 seconds to get to the beach, not 43,200 seconds
  • I don't use or even carry my phone very much at all
  • There are four times of day: Daytime, sunset, Nighttime, sunrise
  • I sleep with the sun
  • Hitch hiking is fun and an excellent way to meet cool people
  • I'm single, I'm 27, I'm normal
  • I play on a board
  • I eat spam, and like it
  • I can stay in the water for hours without getting cold
  • No one seems to get old
  • I ride my bike everywhere
  • I can't get my shower water cold enough.
  • I hardly ever wear a shirt
  • I hardly ever wear shoes
  • I wait for swells not storms
  • Kicking the coral and sunburns are the only things I worry about
  • Two words: Tourist Girls!
  • Two more words: Surfer Girls!
  • It's hard to read street signs
  • There are only 2 directions, toward the beach and away from the beach
  • I don't know who won the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals
  • There is a rainbow almost everyday.
  • and much much more!
I'm learning things here too. I'm learning that it is possible to do with your life whatever you want to do. Too many times in my life I have made lame excuses to not do something I wanted to. I regret that, a lot. But being here is motivating. I am really determined now to go and do the things I've wanted to do with my life since high school. Money won't be an excuse, time won't be an excuse, and I will no longer tell myself I'll do it later. Life is happening now, you have to make things happen now. The future is important but you make the future by what you do right now. No more waiting, no more wondering. Do it now. Do you want to be a river guide? Go do it now. Want to be a ski instructor in New Zealand? Do it now. Want to be the next Warren Miller. Do it now! Get it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to do a 40 foot backflip, on a 60 foot cliff. hurt. 2 days still hurts.

We went on a hike today with some friends. I was told by the locals not to give out the name or location of this hike. So don't ask. It's in Hawaii. I will tell you though that it was awesome. Except for the video above of course...that actually really sucked. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Reed: "Just pull it off." Dallon: "I can't it's through two of my fingers!"

Our dialogue after I nailed two of my fingers to a wall yesterday.

Today's blog is all about work. Not as exciting but it's making it so we can stay here! We are working on a 12 million dollar house. It's kinda nice...
Watch out or I'll nail you to a wall!

More safe than it looks. It's just a nail gun

Hooray for dry wall!

Have YOU ever showered in 700 thousand dollar bathroom?

Walking home after work

Yummy yummy lunch is in my tummy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Hitch Hikers Guide to Maui

Our number one preferred mode of transportation on the island is most definitely the hitch hike... On Friday after work we were weary and wandering with our thumbs in the upright position trying to get home and enjoy our first weekend. "We need to meet some chicks this weekend man!" said Reed. Not 15 seconds later a car pulled up. In the front seat. One blonde and one Brunette Australian girls. Too bad they were just looking for someone to give them lotion rubs. We sent them to the nearest town where they could find someone. HAHA yeah right! Really though, we got in. After a few minutes chatting with the Aussie Lassies we learned that they are on the final leg of their trip around the world and heading home after Hawaii. They mentioned one of their stops had been Utah and from there we learned that everyone in the car was LDS and suddenly no one was nervous anymore! So we hung out with them all night. The Hawaiin night life aside, it was a good time. They needed a place to stay so they crashed with us and we spent all day yesterday together as well. We drove out on the road to Hana but didn't get very far. We stopped at the worlds best spot for kite and wind surfing, (is it possible to fall in love with someone without talking to them?) we saw Jaws (competes with pipeline for best waves in the islands), and jumped off some waterfalls. Julie and Natalie had to catch a flight to Oahu last night so we parted ways. It was a good time though. They originally drove past us but Julie claims she was prompted by the spirit to turn around and get us. But all joking aside, it was pretty cool. They were a lot of fun. And they had a car! So it was a really good "hook up" for everyone, but especially for Julie and Reed! hehe.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maui Adventure Begins!

Well, I am here in Lahiana, Maui and I've decided to keep all three of you who care informed of my doings here on the Island. So here goes!
Day #1
We flew in on the 26th. Apparently planes make me sick now because whole flight here and first day I was struggling with some massive headaches and loss of lunches. Yuck, that was not all. But, it didn't matter much because I was HERE! Finally. And I did get to ride the skateboard all around the Portland airport. And just a little FYI, be carefull skateboardingin jetways with heavy backpacks! I stepped on and that crazy board took on a life of it's own and just took off! Leaving me sprawling the air and crashing hard. Luckily though Reed and about ten other people saw and praised my amazing skills with a raucus chorus of laughter. My wrist still hurts. Cheryl picked us up at the airport and we drove to Lahaina. The north side of the islands is all rain jungle, the south is almost desert. There is literally a line on the mountain where it changes from green to brown. Both sides are beautiful though. We are on the dry side but here in town its still very green, flowers everywhere. Very pretty. Lahaina is a little town near the tourist center. It's very chill, I love it. Just north of us are all the resorts and hotels and the million dollar houses but here it's just beach bums and transients, which is all we were on day one. Homeless and pennyless. We looked at a few places to live. Just rooms for rent. Didn't find one though, so after watching a sunset through the Kona Winds and vog, getting strike one on our attempts at tourist love (she was even from Utah...and draped over Reed, he swung and missed, I was busy with distracting young ladies father, way to go Reed), and chasing sand crabs for a bedtime snack, we found a nice cozy beach and tried to catch some Z's. Apparently Z's are very elusive however because the man came and made us leave. So we slept elsewhere, sleep being a loosely defined word, and elsewhere being somewhere I don't care to endulge. But still, we are HERE! p.s. We = Me, Dallon G. and Reed.
Day #2
We "woke up" and began our job search. Sand crabs aren't the tastiest treats I've ever had so some income would be nice! We walked around the harbor and the town and told everyone how freaking awesome we are but apparently something is wrong with the economy and business isn't that great. So Reed had to use me as a spear to catch some fish since we still didn't have a job. I'm amazingly good at being a spear! Good thing too, have you seen grocery prices here!? Good grief! We also continued our room search. I originally had planned on being homeless with my backpack all summer out here, but kinda wussed out. So I was glad when we found a room in house for pretty cheap. So we were only homeless for one night! I know my parents are proud of me! Night number two was spent in bed! I'm not so sure I was alone in this bed, but it was a bed nonetheless and I liked it! The Kona winds are still blowing in the vog, and the surf is still only 1' to 3'. But I'm told the Trade winds will kick up soon. And we were lucky enough to find some nice boys in shirts and ties to tell what time church is. The stars seem to be aligning...
Day #3
Through the shear awesomeness of Cheryl and the shear goodness of people-we had work today. We worked on a nearly completed 10 million dollar home in one of the most beautiful places on this beautiful earth. With the nothing but the 16th hole of a Masters Circuit course between us and the ocean, we worked on the landscaping and other odds and ends of this house and solidified our Haoleness even more by redefining our awesome most amazing farmers tans. After our great day at work (which will only be for a few days, sad face) we hitched home and walked the several long yards into the ocean to swim with our new shark buddies. And now I am home, probably high on the secondhand MJ (is that possible?) Sitting in front of a fan and listening to the Whalers wisting aloft to our room from next door. Tomorrow's agenda... back to work, beach cruiser and surf board shopping, and do about as little else as possible. Maybe we'll go jump off that waterfall over there. Summer has begun...

to be continued...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Blogland! I'm not so good at writing in this thing. I'm not sure anyone reads it anyway. So I am moving to Maui in less than two weeks and thought I'd feel you in. Um...I'm moving to Maui! Nope, I don't know when I am coming home. If might be the better 'future conditional' though. Really though, I'm sure I'll be back for ski season, I can't miss that. And I'll have both my jobs here again when the snow flies. So lately I've just been getting as much Utah summer fun as I can and here are a few pics from recent trips!

Gooseberry Mesa Trail.

Chase in the Kanarra Creek Slot

Chocolate Milk Falls!

That actually really hurt. Bobsled Trail.

Beach Soccer at San Elijos State Beach.

Surfing Sand Diego!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The things I've learned of late at work and play...

  • It doesn't make me rich but it makes me happy and that's all I need.
  • 4 days of wedge christies is just as exhausting, if not more so, than 4 days of free skiing.
  • Some people in this world have a LOT of money.
  • Some stereotypes are regrettably true.
  • Women are not very good at getting paper towels in the garbage can and toilet paper in the toilet. At least in public restrooms. Kudos to the men though for doing a great job on both accounts.
  • Friends and family are pretty much the most valuable thing one can posses.
  • Some people are very rude.
  • Soccer is an awesome sport but it can sure bring out the worst in people.
  • Most of the world, takes it all too seriously.
  • Free soccer and Free skiing is absolutely awesome, most of the time.
  • Whiny adults are much more annoying than whiny children.
  • I can do anything I want, I just don't want to do the things most people think I should.
  • Babysitting grown ups is ridiculous, that it needs to be done so much is even more ridiculous.
  • I can ski as fast as the interstate speed limit!
  • Making everyone happy is impossible.
  • Staying happy even though everyone else isn't is possible.
  • A good nap is a priceless commodity.
  • True friends will reveal themselves, as will untrue friends.
  • Snow is lots of fun!
  • "Men are that they might have joy" And there is joy to be found regardless your circumstances.
  • External hard drives are not sturdy objects.
  • Too many people regret "growing up" so early.
  • I may soon regret not growing up earlier.
  • Kids are learning soccer and skiing WAY earlier than I ever did.
  • People lie...a lot.
  • Your attitude is a decision you make.
  • Doing what you feel is right for yourself is more important than doing what others think is right. Doing what He thinks is right is more important still.
  • Being able to stand up on skis is something I've really taken for granted!
  • I've had it better than most the world, and I'm very grateful for that.
  • Working for someone you don't respect is difficult.
  • Earning respect though, is quite simple.
  • Virtue is a priceless possession.
  • So are honor, friendship, respect, and loyalty.
  • Success is relative.
  • Facebook, though it has it's good uses, is destroying our society.
  • Text messaging while driving should be punishable by atomic wedgie! Or at least made illegal.
  • I'm not nearly as good a skier as I thought I was.
  • Gravity can be a best friend or a worse enemy.
  • making over twice as much money in one year during college than I did in one year out of college is messed up.
  • Plus many more but I've reached that point where I can't stand to be sitting here any longer!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A day in my life of bliss.

So I am currently living a lifestyle that I have always dreamed of...I get paid to ski everyday, then I get paid to play soccer every night. It's ridiculously awesome. I love it. But, it is not all quite as wonderful as it may seem, as the following story will illustrate...
I got to work yesterday at the Canyons bright and early to teach a ski lesson. When I checked in I learned I would be teaching a Ski Utah class instead of a regular class. (Ski Utah classes come every Friday and are only half days instead of the normal full day) So I was pretty stoked about getting to free ski the second half of the day. So I dressed and rode the gondola up to the normal meeting area. After about 30 minutes of wondering where the heck all the kids were I realized (I was told) that the meeting area for Ski Utah was at the BOTTOM of the gondola. Nuts! So I completely missed it and my class was given to someone else...Sad face. But then I was told that the Cats might need some help. (Cats = 4-6 yr. olds, Carvers = 7-14 yr olds, Cubs = 3 and under. I've only done carvers) So I rode the gondola back down to the cats meeting area and helped put vests and harnesses on all the little tykes for awhile only to be told, sorry Dallon, guess we don't need you after all (they really did though, read on...) So then I was told, but hey, the Cubs might need you! So after I received an explanation of what cubs are...I headed over to that building. Turns out cubs is no more than a daycare. So I was sent back up the gondola with two little dudes who could barely walk let alone ski. While trying to get ski boots the size of my big toe on these little guys a supervisor spots us and flips out. Turns out the teacher to cub ratio is supposed to 1 to 1 and I had 2. He was quite upset, I was completely naive. That one hour lesson (more like a giggle/whine party than a lesson) actually turned into a half hour lesson and half hour take-off-ten-layers-to-get-little-weewee-out-to-go-peepee. That was done and I graciously returned the bundled starfish back to the daycare at the bottom of the gondola. Lucky me I was called back up to the top where a Cats class (the ones that didn't need me before) needed an instructor. I was lucky enough to get to them just in time for them to loose all energy and interest in skiing whatsoever (full day lessons are way too long for that age). So I wrestled with three more little guys trying every trick in the book and a few I made up to get them to make a simple wedge and even stay standing up. So it was a great relief when they were all attacked by the Tinkle Monster at the exact same time. So...the next incredibly long period of time was spent again in the stalls unzipping, unbuttoning, unwrapping, and searching for Mr. Tinkles to do his deed. After using some of the same tricks I used to get them to ski I finally thought little guy number 2 was all empty so we started pulling his britches back up when suddenly Mr. Tinkles decided he would have another go at the porcelain pool, too bad MY HAND was in the line of fire, and I spent the rest the day with a nice soaked sleeve. Back to the skiing we went, skiing being a relative term here, the magic carpet does offer some pretty intense terrain and the car washes are always a riot but for some reason the day just drug on and on. Until...little dude number 3 (who had the heebie jeebies on our first trip to toilet row) decided it was time for another go at it. So, thank you Carrie, I left the two mini devils with Carrie, and off to the bathroom we went again. I will spare details for the sake of yukiness, but Mr. Tinkles had nothing to do with this trip. Mr. Doodoo however was a busy guy, and Little dude #3 couldn't do it himself...AWESOME! To wrap this up, I didn't know the procedures for parent pick up for these little folk, so I looked like an idiot when parents showed up, didn't get tipped a dime. Then finally I'm done just to realize someone had stolen my brand new poles. So with head low and feet aching I dragged my urinated, sweat soaked, poor aching body to the gondola to ride down it for the 7th time today, when a snowboarder hit me and sliced my hand up....A perfect ending. The day was so miserable, I decided to make up for it with some time night skiing at Brighton to make it all better! So, for all you who think I got it made, think again...! I still played 6 soccer games, and skied 4 times in 5 days though! Suckers!