Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Get a real job!"

You probably know by now that I am a ski instructor.  And you probably still think that being a ski instructor is not a real job.  Most people will say how awesome it is and how jealous they are, then they turn their backs and mumble about how much of a bum I am, or that I'm a deadbeat, or that I need to grow up.  And I couldn't care less.  Here's why...

Because every day of my life is just like this:
Ski School Trailer (1991) - Video Detective

Hehe, just kidding.  For real now... Think of how much time you will have spent working at a job throughout your whole life.  My guess is that for most people the only activity done in life that compares, in respect to time, is sleeping.  On an average day, work and sleep takes up 2/3 of the time.  If you have to get ready for work and drive there, it's even more.  That leaves 1/3 of your day to do everything else.  Now, if you could somehow figure out a way to turn one of your favorite things to do in your personal time, into something you do at work, wouldn't you do anything possible to make that happen?!  I know some of you have succeeded at this.  Teachers who love to teach, writers who love to write, doctors who love to heal.  And that's awesome.  For me, I love being in the mountains, I love helping others, and I love to ski.  So, doesn't that mean that I have succeeded? Doesn't that mean that I have done something right?  If you measure success by dollars or prestige I can see how you would think I'm a failure.  But I measure success differently so can't we just agree to disagree?    I have managed to get paid to do what I love to do.  This is what I am passionate about.  This is what has driven me to live in dumps, eat unmeasurable amounts of ramen, and live in my car for months at a time.  Sure I have had to go through some tough times to make it happen, but I've made it happen.  Almost everything that is awesome in my life over the past 7 years, is because I am a ski instructor.  But the most awesome part about it is that I love to do it, and I am excited to go to work everyday!

And now the actual point of why I am writing this post.  Over the past couple of seasons I have moved up into a managerial/supervisor role.  Honestly this isn't something I thought I'd ever be doing when I started in the ski industry but I took on additional hours and less pay to get into a more "grown up" type job.  Which brings me to my first point.  Salary.  Way overrated.  Being on salary just means an employer can get free work from you.  They can pay you the same amount and you can be working way more.  Pretty lame.  I understand that in theory salary may also go the other direction.  I've yet to experience that though so I'm still not impressed.

The other point I wanted to make is that I have been completely reaffirmed in my determination to not ever have an office job.  It isn't cool.  Until the resort opens my job has basically been an office gig.  I have a desk, and a computer, and there are lots of people crammed into a tiny little space in that building.  Bickering female co-workers, annoying IT issues, stinky microwaved lunches, and no chance of escaping for alone time(except for toilet/angry birds breaks!) are all a part of my day in the office.  All the stories I've heard people tell about the crazy stuff that happens in offices, I kinda get it now.  Thankfully, the snow is here and we open up soon, and I'll be back on a beautiful mountain with gorgeous views breathing pristine air shredding the gnar!

Say what you will, but my job is awesome.

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