Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Hitch Hikers Guide to Maui

Our number one preferred mode of transportation on the island is most definitely the hitch hike... On Friday after work we were weary and wandering with our thumbs in the upright position trying to get home and enjoy our first weekend. "We need to meet some chicks this weekend man!" said Reed. Not 15 seconds later a car pulled up. In the front seat. One blonde and one Brunette Australian girls. Too bad they were just looking for someone to give them lotion rubs. We sent them to the nearest town where they could find someone. HAHA yeah right! Really though, we got in. After a few minutes chatting with the Aussie Lassies we learned that they are on the final leg of their trip around the world and heading home after Hawaii. They mentioned one of their stops had been Utah and from there we learned that everyone in the car was LDS and suddenly no one was nervous anymore! So we hung out with them all night. The Hawaiin night life aside, it was a good time. They needed a place to stay so they crashed with us and we spent all day yesterday together as well. We drove out on the road to Hana but didn't get very far. We stopped at the worlds best spot for kite and wind surfing, (is it possible to fall in love with someone without talking to them?) we saw Jaws (competes with pipeline for best waves in the islands), and jumped off some waterfalls. Julie and Natalie had to catch a flight to Oahu last night so we parted ways. It was a good time though. They originally drove past us but Julie claims she was prompted by the spirit to turn around and get us. But all joking aside, it was pretty cool. They were a lot of fun. And they had a car! So it was a really good "hook up" for everyone, but especially for Julie and Reed! hehe.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maui Adventure Begins!

Well, I am here in Lahiana, Maui and I've decided to keep all three of you who care informed of my doings here on the Island. So here goes!
Day #1
We flew in on the 26th. Apparently planes make me sick now because whole flight here and first day I was struggling with some massive headaches and loss of lunches. Yuck, that was not all. But, it didn't matter much because I was HERE! Finally. And I did get to ride the skateboard all around the Portland airport. And just a little FYI, be carefull skateboardingin jetways with heavy backpacks! I stepped on and that crazy board took on a life of it's own and just took off! Leaving me sprawling the air and crashing hard. Luckily though Reed and about ten other people saw and praised my amazing skills with a raucus chorus of laughter. My wrist still hurts. Cheryl picked us up at the airport and we drove to Lahaina. The north side of the islands is all rain jungle, the south is almost desert. There is literally a line on the mountain where it changes from green to brown. Both sides are beautiful though. We are on the dry side but here in town its still very green, flowers everywhere. Very pretty. Lahaina is a little town near the tourist center. It's very chill, I love it. Just north of us are all the resorts and hotels and the million dollar houses but here it's just beach bums and transients, which is all we were on day one. Homeless and pennyless. We looked at a few places to live. Just rooms for rent. Didn't find one though, so after watching a sunset through the Kona Winds and vog, getting strike one on our attempts at tourist love (she was even from Utah...and draped over Reed, he swung and missed, I was busy with distracting young ladies father, way to go Reed), and chasing sand crabs for a bedtime snack, we found a nice cozy beach and tried to catch some Z's. Apparently Z's are very elusive however because the man came and made us leave. So we slept elsewhere, sleep being a loosely defined word, and elsewhere being somewhere I don't care to endulge. But still, we are HERE! p.s. We = Me, Dallon G. and Reed.
Day #2
We "woke up" and began our job search. Sand crabs aren't the tastiest treats I've ever had so some income would be nice! We walked around the harbor and the town and told everyone how freaking awesome we are but apparently something is wrong with the economy and business isn't that great. So Reed had to use me as a spear to catch some fish since we still didn't have a job. I'm amazingly good at being a spear! Good thing too, have you seen grocery prices here!? Good grief! We also continued our room search. I originally had planned on being homeless with my backpack all summer out here, but kinda wussed out. So I was glad when we found a room in house for pretty cheap. So we were only homeless for one night! I know my parents are proud of me! Night number two was spent in bed! I'm not so sure I was alone in this bed, but it was a bed nonetheless and I liked it! The Kona winds are still blowing in the vog, and the surf is still only 1' to 3'. But I'm told the Trade winds will kick up soon. And we were lucky enough to find some nice boys in shirts and ties to tell what time church is. The stars seem to be aligning...
Day #3
Through the shear awesomeness of Cheryl and the shear goodness of people-we had work today. We worked on a nearly completed 10 million dollar home in one of the most beautiful places on this beautiful earth. With the nothing but the 16th hole of a Masters Circuit course between us and the ocean, we worked on the landscaping and other odds and ends of this house and solidified our Haoleness even more by redefining our awesome most amazing farmers tans. After our great day at work (which will only be for a few days, sad face) we hitched home and walked the several long yards into the ocean to swim with our new shark buddies. And now I am home, probably high on the secondhand MJ (is that possible?) Sitting in front of a fan and listening to the Whalers wisting aloft to our room from next door. Tomorrow's agenda... back to work, beach cruiser and surf board shopping, and do about as little else as possible. Maybe we'll go jump off that waterfall over there. Summer has begun...

to be continued...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Blogland! I'm not so good at writing in this thing. I'm not sure anyone reads it anyway. So I am moving to Maui in less than two weeks and thought I'd feel you in. Um...I'm moving to Maui! Nope, I don't know when I am coming home. If might be the better 'future conditional' though. Really though, I'm sure I'll be back for ski season, I can't miss that. And I'll have both my jobs here again when the snow flies. So lately I've just been getting as much Utah summer fun as I can and here are a few pics from recent trips!

Gooseberry Mesa Trail.

Chase in the Kanarra Creek Slot

Chocolate Milk Falls!

That actually really hurt. Bobsled Trail.

Beach Soccer at San Elijos State Beach.

Surfing Sand Diego!