Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Driftwood Files. Beginnings.

 A recent slap of nostalgia has prompted me to write a bit about my life in college, of which 75% consists completely of my time at Driftwood Manor.  So I'll just focus on that part.

This is Driftwood Manor.  It is in Logan. Yes, it was kinda pink...

It all started with a dream I had in high school that me and all my bff's would live together in college.  At first it didn't quite turn out that way as we all somehow picked different schools, no school, or missions.  But on my mission I plotted my dream into reality and when I got home I immediately started looking for a place to fit all 7 of us.  And came across this place.  Picked mostly because the landlord turned a cheek to the zoning laws that made it very illegal for 7 of us to live there, and the next 4 years were history.  I'm not sure who or when the name Driftwood Manor started but on close inspection the house looked like it was made of driftwood.  The place soon became legendary.  It became a city hub for parties, concerts, movies, the tunnel of love, ski jumping, spaceship rides, and much much more.  All of which will be blogged about because you all need to know how awesome I used to be!

For now though, here is a little bit more about the Manor, and it's residents:

The original crew except Bret.
The Nessie Alliance. (2nd gen. residents)

The ratios were usually pretty good.
We had a pool!

The infamous annual roof skiing!  Wow, we sucked, but that didn't matter!

Driftwood Manor came with pool table, air hockey, arcade games, outdoor drive in theatre, wrap around porch.  At one time the manor actually consisted of the Main Manor, Chickwood Manor, and Littlewood Manor.  It was used as a full concert venue, and was investigated for eviction three times, all failures.  In the almost 4 years I lived there, I had over 30 different roommates, and up to 9 lived there at one time.  It was the best time of my life.  I can think of at least 3 marriages that are linked to the house.  A band was formed, a concert venue was created, friendships that I will always have and some that I don't really care to ever have again...all because of Driftwood Manor.   It was the most fun place to be.  If I wanted to meet new people, I would just go home.  There were always people there, and always something to do there.  Rent for the entire house was only $700, and there was always at least 7 of us in there.  I'm pretty sure my grandmas window shades, and couch are still there.
Visits from Isildurs Heir.
Kenny's bed.
So, I will now sporadically write posts about Driftwood Manor, they are...The Driftwood Files.


Adventures in Heywood said...

Ah driftwood, I remember fondly when I lived there. :)

Noelle said...

Oh the memories! This actually made me really sad and miss Utah State. What an awesome place to live and go to school.